I LOVE the pet umbrella. can I get a dog with it?

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This is the patented leash that lets a pet owner walk two dogs without their lines becoming snarled. Twin retractable 10′ lengths of sturdy nylon cord are wound within a durable sealed plastic reel. The cords are fed through separate openings and the reel spins 360º (rather than you), preventing the lines from crossing and becoming tangled. The leash’s handgrip lets you easily control two canines (up to 30 lbs. each) with one hand, freeing your other hand to carry a cell phone or umbrella.
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Moluccan and Umbrella Cockatoos are among the larger of the cockatoos (black cockatoos are larger), and widely considered to be two of the most difficult parrots to care for. With careful consideration and correct care, however, these parrots can make wonderful pets. Designer Walking Stick Pet Umbrellas on sale w/ free shipping @Coupaw. Many breeds available!
Photo provided by FlickrNow that we have the Pet Umbrella, the only thing we're lacking is dog galoshes.
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Pet umbrellas are a great design idea for dogs and their owners. These accessories make rainy days a little brighter. Walking your dog in the rain and returning home with your dog totally wet are not fun. The Dog Umbrella is a see-through umbrella which works as a leash also, keeping your dog out of rain, but in your control.Now that pet umbrella seems intriguing. I wonder if it causes problems with the legs of passing humans. The Smokers ashtray–well–GO Figure! Does it have a lighter too?Please spare a thought for your poor drenched pooch. This pet umbrella clips on to the collar and has a lead attached – thereby assuring that your animal doesn’t end up looking like a drowned rat. It would be interesting to hear the opinion of these pets……The Dogbrella keeps your dog nice and dry while you walk in the rain. Obviously a combination of the words “dog umbrella”. However, these are made for pets of other kinds and sizes. A down pour is no longer an excuse to stay inside and not get your exercise. Shown above is just one example, and they come in different sizes and styles. Check out all pet umbrellas through the following link:
The pet umbrella keeps your dog "dry and comfortable." *This would be perfect, if it didn't have the standard handle to hold over your pooch! This wouldn't be easy/comfy to walk with.The Dogbrella brand of pet umbrella shown above is clear with a 29 inch diameter for smaller pets. The handle is an easy grip design with a built in leash.
But if you need a little extra convincing that a dog is worth the rainy walks, perhaps this latest accessory will put your doubtful, “pet loving” mind at ease. Pooches everywhere now don dog umbrellas to protect them from the rain!
Rainy season and outing of pets is always been a great problem. Your loveable pets don’t want to get out in wet weather. So, here is a solution of it. Pet Umbrella provide you and your pet a comfortable outing inspite of rainy and wet weather. This umbrella is designed specially for pets.
Pet umbrella has built-in leash hook with a clear 29″ Diameter umbrella which will keep your pet dry while raining and also it has easy grip handle to hold. Buying this can be a great relief for you in the rainy season and by using it you can enjoy the weather with your pet. Pet umbrellas are available at . You can get thenm from here as well.