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Oct 7, 2016 - These are the best products for removing pet urine stains from your carpet.
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Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics. It can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. Pet odors are easier to remove when they’re fresh because the excess fluid saturating your carpet isn’t set in yet. Unfortunately, the warm acid state of the urine offers a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so the quicker it gets cleaned up, the better! Once pet urine dries, it turns into a salt like state that contains higher amounts of alkaline compared to when it was wet. The potency of the urine in the alkaline salt like state is what causes the harshest damages to your carpet. If untreated, flooring can begin to warp and turn discolored.
OMG thank you for posting this recipe for removing dog urine stains and odor. It really worked and saved me from ripping up my old carpet.
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Dry stains can be treated with full strength product as soon as they’re discovered. There are a variety of home-made and commercial products that are designed to remove urine stains and odor. Before using any of these, test them for safety. Some chemicals and home remedies can stain, bleach or damage carpeting. To prevent ruining your carpet, try the product in a closet or hidden area first. I have used FOLEX Instant Carpet Spot Remover for many years. It does a satisfactory job removing spots and odor of my dog's urine.
Photo provided by FlickrSo, how can you remove the dog urine odor from your carpets? Try these proven methods for cleaning up stains and salvaging the carpet.
Photo provided by FlickrThanks for finally removing the pet odor and urine out of our carpet.
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I read this tip on a cleaning site, thought it might be helpful. It is for removing urine smell from a carpet. Mouthwash. While it may not clean the actual stain, it will remove the odor. Do you want to learn how to remove dog urine stains from carpet? Whether they are caused by you family or your pets, ProVetChoice is the answer. ProVetChoice is a specially formulated bio-enzymatic cleaner that can tackle the toughest organic stains. This is a professional strength stain and odor eliminator that you will use all the time. Use it to freshen pet bedding, furniture, or carpeting.

When your pooch leaves a puddle on the carpet, he also leaves behind an obvious stain. The soiled area might be less noticeable on a darker rug, but you'll still be able to see it and even smell it if it's not thoroughly cleaned. Vinegar is useful for removing dried dog urine stains from carpets because it . While vinegar alone isn't effective when the stains are dried, teaming baking soda and water up with vinegar will get the job done.
If these methods for removing urine stains from carpet aren’t enough, you may want to consider professional treatments. uses a truck-mounted cleaning system to shampoo and condition stains and high traffic areas. Contact today to learn more about how to remove dog urine from carpet and don't forget to checkout our If it's dried, I firstly sponge it in then put a towel over the stain and stomp on it to get as much moisture out of the carpet and underlay as possible. I sometimes have to repeat this a couple of times, but I find it lightens the stain and removes any urine smell. If you get a fresh urine stain, use a towel and stomp to remove as much urine as you can, then use the white vinegar mix after with a fresh towel to soak it up. I've done this on both cream coloured carpet and brown carpet and it's worked well, but I can't vouch for other colours. If you find that urine smells are still lingering, exploring professional cleaning services may be the best option. can give your carpet a much deeper clean, using professional technology that’s proven to be effective. to learn more and don't forget to checkout our Remember to always do a spot removal test on a portion of carpet or upholstery that is normally not visible. These are suggested treatments only and COIT can't be held accountable for any damage sustained by use of the treatments in this spot removal guide.