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The following tools are some of the best vacuum pet attachments currently available:
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Pet owners, don't let unwanted pet hair settle in your home. Gently groom your pets with this vacuum brush kit by Think Crucial, you get 2 pet grooming vacuum attachments for the price of just 1! You receive a stiff-bristled vacuum pet attachment for getting tough tangles out, and you also get a softer vacuum pet brush we know your pet will love!

Do you want to keep your dog and cat hairs off of your furniture, couch, carpets, bed sheet, and clothes, then this is YOUR vacuum pet grooming tool. Not only does it remove loose dog and cat hair fro the coat before it has a chance to shed around the home, but it captures allergens during grooming! No more sneezing from pet dander! Allows routine grooming that will keep your pet's coat clean and healthy, removing unwanted matting and debris, and distributing natural oils throughout the pet's coat. Fits all vacuum. Includes 2 brushes and 1 adaptor.

The best way to keep your carpets clean is to vacuum them often with your Kirby Avalir vacuum cleaner and Kirby attachments.
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I’ve always had a cat, and had a few dogs over the past 20 years. Before I discovered an attachment for my vacuum cleaner that was designed for pet hair, the loose hairs always used to frustrate me. I’d vacuum the same spot 10 times and eventually get onto one knee and pinch the hair free from the carpet, and then vacuum it away. Pet hair removal may seem like a hairy task, but with the right vacuum cleaner attachment, it can be as simple as any other task.
Photo provided by FlickrA Simple DIY attachment for vacuuming up pet hair and as a soft crevice tool.
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You would be surprised at the amount of pet fur that will still be clinging to your carpet after a regular vacuum. It is insane, especially if the fur is the fine, silky type of fur often found on the sweetest of kitties. In order to really pick up this pet hair, you need to figure out what you are vacuuming up, how much suction is needed, and what type of attachments will work best for you.The checklist for a great vacuum includes excellent suction power, attachments with brushes and rotating heads, and maneuverability. Pet hair can collect in the corners of your home and, if your vacuum has limited rotation or capabilities to get into the corners and under furniture, there is no point in purchasing that brand. It may cost you a little extra, but having a top of the line pet vacuum is worth its weight in gold.Like most pet vacuums, it comes with attachments that include brushes which are great to loosen pet hair from carpet and upholstery. You can also add the Miele STB Handheld Turbobrush, which is powered by the suction of the vacuum, making it a powerful tool ideal for small, hard to reach places. These attachments are critical for getting the pet fur and ground-in dander out of the carpet, and preventing allergy and asthma attacks. Using ones that have like the Miele STB is the best option, because they get almost every bit of hair and dander out of your home. and vacuum cleaner attachment removes pet hair and dander through a 1.25-inch tapered nozzle that fits most vacuums and is available in three different blade sizes to suit small, medium, and large dogs. The angled blades get to your dog’s undercoat and can be used with or without the vacuum to remove fur. $21.29 (small), $23.09 (medium), and $43.99 (large).You don’t necessarily need a new vacuum cleaner to keep your home more free of fur and dander. If your dog can manage the sound and the sensation, certain vacuum attachments that both groom and lift your dog’s fur and dander can do much to keep your pet — and your home — clean. The shedding combs and brushes get to the root of the problem by pulling loosened fur, dirt, dander, fleas, ticks, and eggs directly from your pet into the vacuum. That leaves your dog clean, comfortable, and smelling much sweeter and your home tidier and more irritant-free. The attachments listed here are made to fit most vacuum models.High quality 4YourHome Exclusive made to fit most vacuums including Dyson, Electrolux, Hoover, Shark & more Pet grooming vacuum kit with attachment, flea comb, hose & hose adapter Combines suction with grooming tool for effective pet coat grooming & removing dead skin and hair Easy thumb action locking trigger for comb movement to empty hair into hose Included hose makes grooming as easy as petting your dog or cat 4YourHome exclusive engineered design incorporates an easy to activate thumb trigger for comb movement. Simply move the comb into position for grooming and then back into position to remove hair from the comb using your vacuums suction. When the comb is lowered into the tool by the thumb trigger pet hair will slide right off into the direction of the hose and into your vacuum meaning less mess. One hand operation allows you to console your pet with the other hand. Complete pet grooming kit includes the following items: Hose, hose adapter to fit most vacuums, pet grooming attachment, & steel constructed flea comb Fits Dyson, Electrolux, Hoover, Dirt Devil and more Take care of grooming your pet without all the mess. As easy to use and more effective than a Furminator tool. This is a brand new replacement part designed to fit the above mentioned models, manufacturers names & part numbers are used for reference purpose only, please check your application and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us! Thanks for shopping 4 Your Home