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Pet owners are constantly wondering what their furry best friends are up to when they’re unsupervised all day. It’s even the subject of an animated film. Does my dog drink water from the toilet? Does your cat pee in the flower pot? Do they throw a pet party? With Petcube Care, you have an entire video timeline history that lets you revisit what your pet did throughout the day. And what you see could a revealing or relieving experience.
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The tag line, "Books on Video™", really captures the essence of our philosophy behind these high quality productions. Each title is individually scripted and produced utilizing the latest in Hollywood production techniques. Upon viewing these videos, you'll find that we've included animation, custom graphics, proprietary music and expertly filmed pets and people of all ages. Title: Teachers Pet (Video 2003)
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Pet Video Library draws from over 40 years of experience with a wide variety of the world's most popular pets including dogs (over 53 top breeds), small animals (hamster, rabbit and ferret), aquatic series and our brand new bird DVD titles!Sometimes your pet can surprise you with their skills. You might find out your dog has taught himself how to open the doors while your cat has learnt fishing in your aquarium. Maybe you will even reveal your pet’s secret stash and finally know where all your socks have gone. Sound and motion will automatically trigger video recording, so you can see exactly what happened to catch your pets in the act. You can use teachable moments to coach and train your pet. Your furry best friends can be fascinating, and it is entertaining to catch their amusing larks. Unfortunately, they will never tell you when they are having a cute, hilarious or naughty moment. Petcube Care is a cloud video recording service that will help you discover your pet’s secrets, capture their best moments, and ensure your pet security. Whether you suspect misbehaviour, you’re worried, or simply curious, Petcube Care cloud video service will help you make sure your pet is happy and healthy. A free 30-day Petcube Care trial is included with every Petcube device purchase and starts when you activate your device. Access your Petcube Care subscription via the Petcube App on your phone and keep an eye on what matter the most!Without video evidence, we might not notice that our pet is sleeping too much or ignoring food. Cats are especially important to watch because they often try to hide sickly behavior. By catching clips of your pet’s sound and movement through the day, you can make sure they stay healthy and safe.From husky puppies confused by their reflection, dogs burring their treats in the snow, to hens taking care of kittens as their own, these are just a few of the funny pets you'll find in this funny pets video compilation.

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