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Pet Vision Lubricating Eye Drops - 8ml - 4 Cataracts Dog & Cat Clear Eye Health
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After surgery, additional medications are sent home along with complete instructions. Follow-up
visits are very important to monitor the healing process and detect any complications early. Most
pets are seen the day after surgery, then one week post-op, 2-3 weeks post-op, 6-8 weeks postop,
and then 1-2 times yearly for monitoring. Some complications may not appear until as long
as a year after surgery, so these rechecks are important. The success of the surgery is directly
related to post-surgery treatment and monitoring. Vision will return as the healing in the eye
takes place. For this reason, vision may not be apparent immediately after surgery. Reports are
sent to you regular veterinarian to keep them informed of your pet’s progress.
Following cataract surgery: After the first 8 weeks
If everything is going well, the frequency of recheck examinations will be decreased. However,
recheck examinations are still very important to the success of the cataract surgery and your pet’s
new vision. The frequency of rechecks will be personalized to your pet, and will depend on how
well the eyes are healing. Most patients will still need some topical anti-inflammatory therapy.
Continued administration of the eye drops as directed by the ophthalmologist is very important
for the prevention of complications. The most common complication seen after cataract surgery
in dogs is glaucoma. Glaucoma may not develop until six months to four years after cataract
surgery, which illustrates the importance of adhering to the recheck schedule. You have
dedicated time, effort and money to help give your pet vision, and we will want to help you keep
your pet seeing and comfortable for a long time. Please return for the recommended recheck
exams, administer the recommended medication and, as always, if you notice any
PETVISION LUBRICATING EYE DROPS - 8 ML (2 - 4 ML Bottles) - $39.99 (MSRP $69.95)
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PetVision ophthalmic nutraceutical eye drops are an effective tool in assisting with the battle against many types of cataracts in companion pets; Helps address … 2 PETVISION LUBRICATING EYE DROPS 16 ML (4 - 4 ML Bottles) - $79.98 (MSRP $139.90)
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Our recommendation: Do not use any ophthalmic steroid or steroid derivative in combination with PetVision®; these products cancel the positive effects of our eye drops, although they carry no risk for your dog or cat.Dog and pet owners are using Vision Clarity Carnosine Eye Drops to effectively address their pet’s cataract condition including veterinarians. Results in several …Pet Vision protects against eye irritation and relieve dryness The lubricating eye drops relieve symptoms from cataracts and Dry Eye Syndrome Safe, non-invasive remedyPetVision natural topical eye drops penetrate down to the build-up of damaged proteins blocking the light from reaching your pet's lens and retina. The opacity in the eye begins to lessen over time and your pet's quality of life is greatly enhanced. ~ eye drops are a natural ophthalmic nutraceutical solution proven to help protect and improve vision in dogs, cats, and other animals. PetVision eye drops can be useful in alleviating incipient Cataracts, Lenticular Sclerosis and dry eye syndrome (KCS). For vision enhancement use 2 drops in affected eye two times daily, as a preventative use 2 drops in each eye daily for 7 days. Convenient and cost-effective natural eye drops for relief with incipient cataracts in both dogs and cats. Easy to use and accurate eye dropper. – Can-C Eye Drops Safely Reverse Cataracts in Dogs!Can-C Drops-Dog. Can-C Eye Drops Safely Reverse Cataracts in Dogs! … Dr. Mark Babizhayev MA, PhDSenior Research Investigator – Innovative Vision Products … The dosage for animals has not yet been clearly defined so most pet owners …