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The All Paws Pet Wash is a modular building with fully integrated equipment, and is a ..
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Since 2005, TMC Pet Vending Solutions has been studying the self serve dog wash market to help business owners choose the right equipment for their business. We've done the legwork so all you need to do is install the equipment and start making additional money. Here is what TMC Pet Vending Solutions looks for:
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While you’re free to charge your customers whatever you want when they use your All Paws Pet Wash equipment, the average price for a . With the national average cost of a , you can help your clients save $55.00 every time they wash their dog just by using your pet wash instead of going to a professional groomer. Pet Wash Equipment at Kleen-Rite Corporation
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Washing pets and dealing with large amounts of hair go hand in hand. Pet wash tubs come with strainers built into the tub. Most are common kitchen sink strainers that are removable. These trap a good portion of the hair from the pets but there is still a significant amount that gets by. When plumbing your unit I recommend installing an additional strainer downstream of the tub (similar to what is used for pools). These are not always included in your equipment quote so make sure to ask for one. If you chose to go with out the strainer you take the chance of plugged lines and sewer cleaning bills in the future. Strainers cost range from $70 – $90, definitely a good long term investment.What about those pet lovers with more than one dog? A double modular dog wash vending station measures 8′ x 21′ and consists of two washing bay areas and a center equipment room. Every double modular vending station comes equipped with a stainless steel tub in each bay, coin and bill collector with selector, hot water heater, overhead lights, spray controller, trap for pet hair, hair dryer, and hair vacuum. The convenience of having space for more than one animal at a time is a luxury most people don’t get to enjoy … and will surely appreciate. Besides, no one likes to wait and a double bay ensures your customers can get their business done without having to wait around for someone else to finish theirs.When I sold my newer modern wash in January 2014 part of the deal was to also close the car wash I owned exactly one mile away for competitive reasons. I agreed after getting an asking price that made the closing of the other property worthwhile. I was allowed to keep my dog wash bays open as they were not a competitive threat. I decided that with only the dog wash being operational that it was not worthwhile keeping the dog wash open for $700-$1,200 revenue that it provided. Therefore I am selling all the dog wash equipment. It was manufactured by National Pride in 2009 and looks brand new. There are two bays. Here is the description from my Craigslist ad:Super Suds' Self-Service Dog Wash is far less expensive than taking your pet to a groomer, but you still have access to the same professional-grade equipment and grooming products. You can spare your back and knees—no need to kneel beside the bathtub and risk a back ache scrubbing a fidgety Fido. There's no mess to clean up, no need to buy expensive shampoos and conditioners, and no need for an appointment. What's not to love?A single modular pet wash vending station measures 8′ x 13′ and consists of one self service pet washing bay area and an equipment area. Every singular modular dog wash vending station comes equipped with a stainless steel tub in your choice of small or large, coin and bill collector with selector, hot water heater, overhead lights, spray controller, trap for pet hair, hair dryer, and hair vacuum. It’s the perfect one-stop-shop commercial dog washing station with everything necessary to wash, dry and fluff.Remember that the business you’ve created is one of convenience. Sure, your customers could just wash their pets in the tub at home, but then they’d have to throw a load of towels in their washer, clean out the hair from the tub, wipe off the bathroom floor and stock the house with pet cleaning products. Picking the right coin operated dog wash equipment can be a great way to allow pet owners to still have fresh smelling pets without the clean up and hassle of doing it at home, but a complicated, hard-to-use or often malfunctioning machine will turn away clients quickly.