but the pet wash machine basically already does that.

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Visiting a self serve dog wash is an opportunity for your dog to relax and enjoy getting pampered. Many locations have double basins, ensuring that if you have more than one pet, each can stay safe and protected while you tend to the other. Dog wash systems have vending machines that offer all kinds of tasty treats for the well-behaved pooch. Additionally, many pet wash stations are found at businesses letting you clean your pooch while your car gets scrubbed.
I traded my cotton candy machine for a pet wash, was that a fair trade?
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Don’t worry if your dog is as small as a Chihuahua or as big as a Golden Retriever. These machines are supposed to accommodate pets of varying sizes. Your pet is going to love bathing inside the chamber of a dog wash machine. The chambers are mostly made of glass so that the owner stays watchful of every single thing happening inside the machine. The change machine was ripped from the wall inside the pet wash area. (Lori Nickel/News-Review)
Photo provided by FlickrThe change machine was ripped from the wall inside the pet wash area. (Lori Nickel/News-Review)
Photo provided by FlickrAccording to Police Chief Jason Schmitz, the officer arrived and noticed the coin machine inside the pet wash area had been completely removed.
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Puppy Scrub in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, offers an automatic self-serve dog wash machine for pet owners to wash their canine companions. This state-of-the-art machine fits small, medium, and large breeds so you can give any dog a bath, no matter his or her size. Simply walk in, wash, and go!The cabin of the machine is touch operated and features a special nozzle that's meant to give the cat a hydro muscular shower massage. Since the cabin is fitted with hair traps, there is no need for any cleaning up once the pet has been washed. The cat wash machine is automated and works on a computer program. The water and air temperatures are constantly monitored and the system automatically shutsoff if there is any variation in temperature.An automatic cat wash machine is an electric machine that's meant to wash and groom small to medium sized cats and dogs. The machine mainly consists of a cabin in which a cat or dog has to be placed. Caretakers or pet owners can program the machine for a 15-minute wash, a 30-minute wash or any other wash cycle. Althoughthis machine is designed by professional vets and engineers, caretakersshould know how to operate it in order to get the best results.Whether you own a Veterinary Clinic, Pet Grooming Shop, Pet Store or Car Wash the Chieftain Fibreglass Coin Operated Pet Wash Bath can earn and generate that extra income for your business. The Pet Wash System does all the work for you, starting with the shampoo selection, then the rinse followed by the flea rinse and finally to give your dog the professional finish by selecting the powerful blow dryer, all operated by the turn of the rotary switch. If there is a dog in town find out more about this money making machine.The wash machine is also equipped with a ventilation circuit, and this keeps the air fresh and safe for your pet. The cabin of the machinecan be opened at any time during the washing and drying cycle, and the machine turns off as soon as the door is opened.The automated pet wash machine is ideal for grooming facilities, pet stores and vet clinics. Since it can wash several animals in a day, it reduces the cost of labor, water and electricity. While some pets enjoy the wash and dry cycle, others may show signs of discomfort or anxiety. It's therefore best to get your pet used to the machine at a young age, especially if you want to rely on the wash machine to meet your cat grooming needs.