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Absolutely not! Pet Waste Eliminator™ will never sell your name or information to any company.
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"We have been using Pet Waste Eliminator products since 2010. We use the , and we love them because they are very easy to tear off, super durable and the container is easy to open to replace the “header” of bags."
Create your own Dog Waste Disposal System by adding a Pet Waste Eliminator Dispenser Box, Doggie Poop Bags, Sign and a Trash Receptacle.
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Use this sign to ensure a clean environment in the park area reserved for pet exercise. This is a great way to make sure your Dog Walkers know the rules! Ensure Dog Owners cleanup after their pets by combining a Pet Waste Sign, Pet Waste Eliminator Dispenser Box, Doggie Poop Bags and a Trash Receptacle to create your own Dog Waste Disposal System Station. Create your own Dog Waste Disposal System Station by adding a Pet Waste Eliminator Dispenser Box, Doggie Poop Bags and a Trash Receptacle.
Photo provided by FlickrNo, all of our Pet Waste Eliminator™ Representatives are trained to help you with any questions you might have or to place your order.
Photo provided by FlickrFrom only 2.39 cents/bag, $4.79/roll – Lower than Peachtree, Dogipot, HD-Supply, Mutt Mitt, Pet Waste Eliminator…and all the rest!
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Pet Waste Eliminator bags are eco-friendly, extra strong, and twice as thick as the competitors'. Bags don't split or tear and provide superior leakage control. Pet owners won't have to double bag them to scoop up the mess, which save you time refilling stations and money purchasing bags. Plus, with bags that dispense one at a time, dog owners take only what they need. Pet Owners will keep the environment clean by continuing to pick up pet waste!"After seeing Pet Waste Eliminator at an NRPA Conference, I decided to check them out. The old receptacles that we were using were plastic and did not hold up well in the sun. The FREE replacement receptacles PWE sent us were a huge help to our small department. We also really like the automatic . It really helps us to keep track of our bag usage. The bags work well, and they are easy to refill."Pet Waste Eliminator bags are exclusively made from 30% recycled materials! Using products that contain recycled content helps reduce waste and pollution which completes the Recycling Circle. Products like the Pet Waste Eliminator bags help to ensure that recyclable materials will continue to be recycled and not wasted.Offering a wide selection of , ( or ), , and more for easy dog waste cleanup. Pet Waste Eliminator has the highest quality pet waste products at GUARANTEED Lowest Prices!"All the folks that call regarding the renewal or even during ordering have been most helpful. They get the answers needed in a timely manner. We are very pleased with Pet Waste Eliminator.”"Pet Waste Eliminator products are perfect for our city Riverwalk, which we just began allowing dogs on. The attached bags make it very convenient for our residents walking with their pets to keep the Riverwalk and our parks clean. When ordering, your Customer Service Reps are efficient and very friendly."