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Pet World had recently teamed up with the Lawrence Humane Society by housing adoptable kittens at the store for the summer. Eight of the kittens were adopted over the weekend, but the one remaining kitten died in the fire, Emerson said, choking back tears.
DANVILLE — Jerry Repasy is sad about closing his store, Pet World, after 37 years in business — but he has no regrets.
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Now about Karen McLeod’s editorial: She seems to suggest that a significant number of animals derive from pet stores (increasingly untrue), and without the ability to sell them, people won’t have an outlet to buy a dog or cat of their liking. Nonsense….though in a sense I wish that was true, shelters have lots of dogs and even more cats; rescue groups represent each of the pure bred’s from Affenpinscher to Yorkshire Terrier and from Abyssinian to Turkish Van, not to mention all the responsible breeders of the world. At Pet World, we want to provide the very best for your pets. Come in and visit us at our Natick store.
Photo provided by FlickrThe store’s double yellow-headed parrot, Fletcher, who had been greeting Pet World customers since 1994, also died in the blaze.
Photo provided by FlickrGreat new fish this week at both Pet WorldWorld locations. Stop in today and add the new rare fish to your tank!
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Ed's Pet World is a family owned pet store located in downtown Homewood, Alabama. We have served local pet owners and enthusiasts for 37 years. Come check out our wonderful selection of exotic pets and colorful fish for both salt and fresh water aquariums. At our pet store, you will experience professional, friendly customer service. We help you with choosing a pet, equipment, setup, and offer ongoing instruction for proper care.Come to Ed's Pet World and witness the environment that Ed's creates. If you would like to set up your own salt or fresh water aquarium, we can help. Salt water aquariums require more care to operate, but can reward you with a wider and more colorful variety of aquatic animals and fish to choose from. Â In addition to building custom tanks and theme aquariums, we also build indoor and outdoor koi ponds. Or call us for installation and maintenance on your water gardens. Let us help you take the best care of your aquatic animals.Pets' World has been family owned and operated since 1958. Our top quality puppies combined with a knowledgable staff has resulted in thousands of satisfied customers throughout our 50+ years of service.Exotic Tropical Pet World has special financing options available that allow you to leave the store with any pet, from Macaws to Lemurs, for $1 down. See if you qualify today!The exotic bird collection and expertise at 88 Pet World is far beyond anything found at a corporate chain pet store. Stop in or call today with your exotic bird question. With over 30+ years experience at the same location, we have the experience to help you choose or find the right bird for your home.I appreciate Pet World even more after moving to Kansas City, and always stop by when I'm in town. They carry a unique selection of items that you can't find at chains like PetCo or PetSmart. I especially appreciate their wide variety of bird and reptile items. Thank you for catering to "exotic" pet owners!