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Dog playpens serve different purpose to dog crates and similar to that of pet gates. Playpens for dogs can be a great alternative for pet containment and your pooch will still has some freedom to run around, play with his dog toys and not feel too constrained. More importantly, you can always have a playpen somewhere in the house or the backyard and your canines will feel calm and happy to see you around all the time.
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A Containment Pen provides a portable and safe area for your pet to play in. Whether you’re staying at a friends or relatives house for the weekend or if you’re without a fenced in yard and want to take the pups out to play, this Containment Pen is perfect! It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use and it’s ideal for puppies, small dogs, kittens, and other small pets. The Containment Pen is an expandable six panel plastic pet pen that can accommodate lots of shapes and sizes. It’s weather resistant, made of easy to clean plastic, durable, portable, opens easily for access, and all panels create an 18.5 square feet enclosure. This Containment Pen is made exclusively for PetSmart and optional pet yard extensions kits are sold separately. Enjoy free shipping. Indoor pet yard/containment pen - Savannah Pennysaver
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Don't want your pets wondering around your plants in the back yard! Then use the Iris Containment Pet Pen for dogs. Keep your pets safe. When mowing the yard put your pet in the pen. I have seen so many dog injuries from the dog going after the lawn mower trying to bite the wheels.

Safe, convenient enclosure for your pets

Includes 8 interlocking panels made from commercial-grade plastic

Double steel door latch keeps pets safely inside

Easy assembly; suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Measures 63 by 63 by 34 inchesWho let the dogs out? Not these guys! Chewy offers a wide variety of invisible dog fence systems and features to make sure that your dog is just as safe outside as he is inside. The electric dog fence provides the benefits of a traditional fence by keeping your pet within boundaries and keeping him away from the road, bicycle riders, passers-by and the neighbor’s rose garden without the expense, maintenance or aesthetic of an above ground fence. The PetSafe Wireless Containment System is a wireless kit that comes with one collar, a transmitter for your home and flags for training to give your dog a visual warning of his border. This product doesn’t even require in-ground wires to set up the perimeter! It works in a circular area around the transmitter for up to a half-acre in diameter. This system can also be set up with multiple collars for those homes with multiple dogs. Chewy’s selection of invisible dog fence accessories is a one-stop-shop for batteries, additional or replacement collars that are compatible with your already installed system and even indoor barriers to remind your dogs of paws off, no-go zones. For traditionally fenced yards that may feature gardens, or other dog-unfriendly zones, check out PetSafe Pawz Away Outdoor Pet Barrier to make sure your good boy stays a good boy.
If you’re looking for a play yard or containment option for your dog that is truly portable, take a look at the Carlson Red Six Panel Portable Pet Pen.

Creating a safe play area for your animals in seconds the lightweight, foldable, pet pen is ideal for at home, when traveling, at the park, or camping.