why my dog doesn’t hear the Pet Zoom Sonic Pet Trainer?

Has anyone every used a PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer (ultrasonice pitch device)?
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I just got pet zoom and tried it and it does what it says. My dogs now come when they are called and do not jump up on me when I come home. It is a great way to train your dog. My dogs were not responding to other methods before but with pet zoom they are now the best behaved dogs I could want.
Has anyone tried the PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer, does it really work?
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The Pet Zoom works great…I think maybe too great. I use mine when running in case I run into rabid dogs. Just point click and ship man. All it takes to set them straight. I have only used mine on my own dogs a couple of times and don’t even need it anymore. Can you share the pros and cons of PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer?
Photo provided by FlickrIs the PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer ad misleading?
Photo provided by FlickrWould you report this PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer as a scam?
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The Pet Zoom Sonic Pet Trainer is a tool you can use to stop your pets like dogs and cats to misbehave. It is useful for training your pets to be obedient. This gadget is simple and easy to operate. You can correct the bad habits of your pets. It is a safer way of getting your dogs to obey your commands and make them know what you dislike. This product works by sending out sounds that only dogs and cats can hear. This type of technology is used by professional pet trainers. This gadget can supplement you when you give them orders like sit, stay down and remain quiet. You can even use it for letting them know you don’t want them going on top of your couches or for your dogs to stop barking. It is battery operated.The Sonic Pet Trainer from Pet Zoom is the most effective way to teach your pet good behavior. Safe and effective. Works with all dogs and cats. The Sonic Pet Trainer is silent to humans, but its ultrasonic pitch is clearly audible to animals, getting their immediate attention and making your pet immediately obey your command. Stop chewing, biting, excessive barking, jumping on furniture, or any unwanted behavior. Never harms your pet. Effective up to 20 feet to keep unwanted animals away when you’re outside. pet zoom Pet Trainer contact information:


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The PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer is a humane and gentle solution to train your pet. All you have to do is press down your button and it sends out an ultrasonic signal that gets your pets attention and stop what they are doing. This signal is completely silent to humans and won’t hurt your pet’s ears.You can turn your dog into a well behaved member of the family and stop their annoying barking any time with the PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer. Unlike shock collars, the Sonic Pet Trainer is pain-free and won’t harm your pet.When Fido barks at the door or Mittens claws the couch, PetZoom’s sonic pet trainer emits a high-frequency sound that immediately directs their attention away from mischief. Owners can use the device to practice commands, discourage bad habits, and test whether their neighbors are aliens. The lightweight, compact remote easily fits in your pocket, and it works effectively up to 20 feet away.