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Wow Moxie, I think I had this article up about an hour before you found it! So glad it was helpful in your decision about amputation.
I haven’t used petalive c-caps before and just looked them up. There is nothing bad in them and milk thistle and astragalus can definitely help against cancer. This supplement focuses on antioxidants and immune stimulants. However my thought is that you would do better with a good mushroom capsule such as Mycodefense.

It is hard because there are many, many good cancer supplements on the market. Over the years I have tried to narrow them down to a good five for each animal I treat. In bone cancer the sanshedan and artemisinin are definitely my top two. If you have had success with this one in the past you could definitely add it to any protocol you use.
Want to lessen the trips to the vet? It all starts at home. Use PetAlive C Caps as an immune strengthener and...
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After all, any supplement will only be efficient whether it is incorporated as part of an general healthy lifestyle. This includes a balanced food plan, exercise, stress or depression reduction, and a natural herbal remedies like PetAlive C-Caps. Only then you definitely may be sure you have taken a giant step in making your pet has the tools needed for optimally boost pet immune system and optimal health. Features of PetAlive C-Caps
Photo provided by FlickrPetAlive C-Caps help promote immune system function and cellular health.
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PetAlive C-Caps contain a combination of specially selected and highly respected herbs known for their anti-tumor properties and their ability to optimize immune functioning.If your dog has cancer, it can be a hard thing to deal with. You have to tell the kids what’s going on and somehow make peace with the fact that your friend is going to leave you one day soon. However, it doesn’t have to be so bad. With PetAlive C-Caps for Pets with Cancer, you can at least make the time your dog has left better.our dog was just diagnosed with oestosarcoma (front, left leg.) they are recommending immediate amputation which has us all kinds of crazy. but reading your article (and other similar tales of pain-free doggies) makes us think it’s the right thing to do. i also want to try your protocol. 2 years ago we had a dog diagnosed with cancer and used petalives c-caps that (with a cancer diet) tripled his diagnosed survival time. ever heard of them or know exactly what they do? i want to make sure we give our dog the good stuff!Giving your pet a better life is an important part of loving your dog to the fullest. With the PetAlive C-Caps, you can help transform your pet from a suffering four-legged friend to one with plenty of energy and happiness.PetAlive C-Caps help to promote cellular health and strengthen your pet’s immune system. This pet medicine also helps to provide more vitality and more energy for your pet. If you use the PetAlive C-Caps as directed, your pet will live the rest of its life more active and happier.Slowing down cancer in your cat or dog is one way to extend their life. The best part, you don’t have to worry about their quality of life suffering. You can use PetAlive C-Caps to provide the vitality, energy and immune support your dog or cat needs to live a full and happy life.