Petmate Orthopedic Pet Dog Bed with Piping 20x30

Petmate Durabed Elevated Pet Bed Large, Forest Green (Misc.) #dog beds #dog
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Understanding your dog's sleep style will help you to choose a bed that will perfectly complement his preferred sleeping position - simply observe his most common sleeping pose from afar before you make your bedding selection. Dogs that prefer the "curled up" sleep style need to feel secure as they sleep. Our lounger and bolster beds are designed to provide your furry friend the security he needs with raised sides for added comfort with optimal joint and muscle support. Our shaped and cuddler beds have support all the way around and are very popular with smaller breed dogs and our feline friends. With the right pet bed, your dog (or cat) will rest comfortably and get up feeling his furry best all year-round! At Petmate we make choosing the right bed for your pet easier than playing a game of fetch!
Petmate Antimicrobial Deluxe Oval Lounger Dog Bed
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This extra durable and highly versatile carrier is the ideal solution for traveling with your pet and taking your pet on vacations, vet visits, grooming appointments, pet shows, and more. These Vari Kennel Crates meet most airline requirements and they easily convert to a pet shelter or bed. Designed for optimal versatility, these crates are also great for crate training or potty training. When it comes to crate training or traveling with your extra large breed dog, then be sure to check out the PetMate Traditional Vari Kennel Portable Kennel. The PetMate Vari Kennel line is made of durable high-impact plastic for years of easy-to-clean use-and also includes wire vent grills and doors to encourage proper ventilation and promote a healthy flow of air. It has engineering-grade fasteners that are non-toxic and have a high tensile strength that is greater than steel and also resists loosening due to vibrations. This vari kennel also assembles in minutes without any tools. Many pet parents especially appreciate the dual rod spring-loaded latch that's easy to operate but stays very well secured, as well as the plastic wing-nut fasteners that will not corrode. These giant portable kennels have plenty of ventilation provided by side rails that prevent the carrier from sitting flat against the wall, which can block air circulation. Petmate Max Gusseted Pillow Quilted Dog Bed
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. After a hard day of play, Fido will love Petmate's Sporty Lounger dog bed. The cushiony fill is protected by rugged ripstop fabric, and bolster sides create a cozy and supportive sleeping area.The Petmate Fashion Pillow Pet Bed is large enough for cats and small and medium breed dogs, measuring 27-inches by 36-inches. The pillow also makes a fine addition to other pet beds and cushions to provide ample comfort for your beloved pet. Your furry friend will love this pillow, so order it today!Petmate Dog Bed Rectangular Plush Lounger Give your pet a napping haven with the Aspen Pet Rectangular Lounger. This handsome bed features a thick fill with a textured chenille cover that is machine washable to give your furry family member a clean,...
Everywhere you go, traveling with pets has become a widely accepted practice. Whether you visit the grocery store, the gym, even the office, there has clearly been a trend of bringing our dogs, birds and other small pets with us wherever we go. While its easy to fit a smaller dog into a large carrying bag or simply leash them and let them walk with you, its a completely different thing to safely travel with them on airplanes, trains and other modes of transportation.

Not many pet owners realize it, but Petmate is the company that revolutionized pet travel. 45 years ago, they came up with a better and cheaper way to build a pet kennel, and now, they own the market. Chances are, if you have traveled with your pet and had to put them in a pet carrier, that carrier was a Petmate product. Their Petmate Pet Bedding uses the best materials and quality workmanship to ensure long life. No matter what size or type of dog or cat you have, Petmate has the right style and size for you. Petmate pet products are also known as Doskocil. They also produce litter pans, dog houses, cat products, feeding and watering systems, pet beds and other pet products.