A small cermaic bowl with Pets at home Rat nuggets

Pets at Home Rat Nuggets - Protein 16% / Fat ?
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I have been feeding all my rats a mixture of Reggie Rat at rat nuggests from Pets at Home (this is UK) however noticed that these are not ideal for rats and, after lookin on here have seen that people feed Oxbow? I can't fond this inthe UK but have found something called Science Selective. It's specially formulated for rats and is a nuggest, as opposed to a muesli (like Reggie Rat). Hs anyone looked into this or know if it's any good? I have ordered a small bag into my local pet store (who are fantastic but havn't heard of Oxbow) to see how they get on an of they like it.
And ofc Pets at Home Rat Nuggets - which you can now buy online. They sell only small bags though
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i have never found a web site as good as this! my rats (6 of them)all have a pets at home nuget with veg and fruit as treats and they have chew toys but one of my rats have a split tooth and her teeth are over growing she had them clipped and sorted but she still not eating solid food and she lost loads of weight so I have started to giver her soft food eg cooked paster, cheese, bread and popcorn(from pet shop for rats)and cooked egg I just wanted to know if I am doing the right thing for her. i offer her the nuggets still but she wont take them. Nugget Food for Rats by Pets at Home is a complementary rat food containing a balance of ingredients providing:-
Photo provided by FlickrPets at Home Rat Nuggets
Photo provided by FlickrI have been giving them pets at home rat nuggets for their main diet
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Two of the most common brands of rat food that I see used are Reggie rat, and Pets At Home own brand nuggets. These are usually what the rescue rats I get brought to me have been fed on, which is likely due to convinience as they are both easily sourced foods.While online shopping (ratty shop) I found burgess rat food.... It's a complete food with all the needed nutrients. I currently feed my rats on pets at home rat nuggets. Does anyone have any info on what the burgess stuff is like? XxxThey are small, round pellets, looking much like dog kibble. The meat source in them is poor quality, and many rat owners believe strongly that these nuggets increase the rat's chance of getting cancer due to the poor quality ingredients contained in them, the colourings and flavourings, and the artificial preservatives. Many people have reported an increase, sometimes a huge increase, in incidences of mammary tumours on their rats when they were fed Pets at Home rat nuggets, even if the nuggets were only part of a larger mix. Some rat owners avoid chicken specifically in commercial rat foods, as chicken for pet food is sometimes sourced from outside the UK from countries where chickens ingest chemicals known to cause cancer. This chicken is banned here for humans, but a lot of pet food chicken is produced elsewhere. With rats being so prone to cancer at the best of times, it makes sense not to increase that risk even more.I fed Scooter a good quality diet, lots of fresh foods, rather than the bland, poor-quality rat nuggets he'd had at Pets At Home. I also began giving him iron supplements in his water to try and help his anaemia. toni:
yeah, we just bought some rat nuggets from pets at home and after the first day the shine seems to have worn off them so to speak, and my naughty little shrews won't eat them now...little gits. She's 1 year 11 months and on Pets at Home rat nuggets (Moved onto the Shunamite diet this week). She gets fresh vegetables like carrot every week and unhealthy treats are avoided.