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Enjoy the Little Live Pets birds, an interactive toy that makes 30 bird sounds!
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Birds can make wonderful pets. They come in many gorgeous colors and have great personalities. They are also quite hardy and many can live a very long time. Bring a pet bird into your home and you will have a loving, social companion that can talk up a storm, or fill your home with a beautiful song. Birds simply make great pets!
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Many people ask me what kinds of birds they should get for pets. The answer, of course, depends on the experience level of the pet owner and the requirements the owner has for the bird. Tags: bird care, bird channel, dr greg harrison, James Marquis, lifestyle pets, talking birds
Photo provided by FlickrDiseases associated with birds kept as pets that cause human illness include:
Photo provided by FlickrNEW Little Live Pets Cleverkeet Bird & Bird Playground With Swing & Cart by Moose Toys
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Bird toys are designed and manufactured wih the health of your bird in mind. Bird toys are intended to bring hours of enjoyment to your birds. Fetch It Pets bird toys are available at most major pet stores and online outlets. You can also order any of the Fetch-It Pets bird toys here at . A next step up would be a bird from the or a . From genus , Senegals make excellent apartment pets given their size, relatively quiet nature, and great intelligence including enhanced speaking ability. From genus , Grey-cheeked parakeets make great pets and work well with individuals ranging from children to adults.For little additional investment than a cockatiel, a variety of conure and conure-like species, such as the Quaker, can be purchased as hand-fed pets. These are good pets for teenagers and older. If possible, always select a hand-fed pet that has been weaned when giving a bird to the uninitiated.For those seeking a less "interactive" role with a bird, softbills make excellent pets. Finches are like flying jewels, are easily maintained, very quiet, and highly active, making them an ideal pet for older individuals or those who have less time to spend with a bird. Finches usually are kept in groups or pairs and tend to amuse themselves. Canaries are great pets for those who love singing, as are the green singing finch and the Pekin robin.We currently have several young Budgies (commonly known as Parakeets) in many striking colors. With a little handling and love, these little birds make excellent pets and the males are one of the best talkers, according to Bird Talk magazine. Little Live Pets became widely available in August 2014. Originally there were two types of pets available: butterflies and birds. An owl and baby were later added.There is a variety of birds I have not discussed, but these are some about the types of pets some birds tend to make. Exceptions exist and someone invariably says, “Well, my bird isn’t that way.” All I can say is that like people, birds vary in personality, usually unpredictably. But, if you use the general guidelines I have suggested, it will enhance your chances of obtaining a satisfactory pet.I picked up a Little Live Pets birdcage at a local Toys R Us. I opted for the $30 cage (named “My Love Birds”) which included two birds, green and yellow. Below are my observations about the product’s various features.