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The device is generally attached to the pet's usual with strings or tabs passed through holes punched in the sides of the plastic. The neck of the collar should be short enough to let the animal eat and drink. Although most pets adjust to them quite well, others will not eat or drink with the collar in place and the collar is temporarily removed for meals.
Pets are personality personified! Hot Dog Collars was founded with a primary mission to personalize the pets of the world.
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Static correction products are only one kind of electronic collar. PetSafe offers electronic collars that use spray, static, vibration, and ultrasonic. They can be used to reduce barking, to keep your pet in your yard, or to teach general obedience. Compared to other brands, our products are industry leaders in safety and effectiveness. Our collars are specially designed and tested for safety and comfort, with no negative long-term effects. Collars For Pets
Photo provided by FlickrAn inflatable Elizabethan collar. These collars are designed to be more comfortable and allow pets easier access to food and water.
Photo provided by FlickrBoth smart collars can be programmed to monitor for a pet's specific illness. Dogs and cats over 8 pounds can use them.
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That’s why we went ahead and picked out some of the cool collars we are all about right now. Putting the fun back in stars and stripes, these collars are sure to make your pets feel as patriotic as ever.These collars are soaked briefly in water and the polymer crystals inside turn into a gel and expand. The gel helps your dog stay cool. They have been very popular with pets and their owners.Fill that shopping cart and get your pets in the Fourth of July spirit while celebrating America with these awesome collars. Happy Independence Day and enjoy those colorful fireworks!Buckle-Down pet collars and leashes feature the same great brands and logos as our other products. This allows owners and pets to show solidarity in favor of their chosen comic characters, vehicle styles, and artists.The Astro offers a variety of GPS collars intended for hunting dogs. They combine GPS
with portable invisible boundaries, training features, and capability for tracking up to 10 dogs. This setup is designed for Bird Hunting Dogs. Not so much for the Urban Pets. is pleased to offer a fabulous selection of chic and trendy collars that will suit your dog’s unique personality. Because our are available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, we’re sure you’ll find the ideal collar for your precious pooch. Animal rescue organizations across the United States report that the vast majority of dogs that come through their doors are never reunited with their owners. The simple fact is that a lot of these pets are missing some kind of identification leaving the shelters not knowing who to contact. A with an ID tag is the easiest way to be sure your canine companion can be identified and returned to you should he or she become lost.Like many of these comments, I too have Whistle. I bought Tagg when first out. It was great and precise. They were constantly updating the technology to their website and support was great! At one time, after warrantee had expired, one of the collar transmitters wings were chewed off. Tagg replaced unit FREE OF CHARGE! The day Whistle acquired Tagg, all went to hell. The site did not track daily activity like Tagg did. Receiving notification your pet is outside the safe zone is a minimum 10 minutes until you get the notice and likewise when returned to safe zone. The “real time” tracking sucks, pet may be out of safe zone for 30 minutes and will show only one position on map. Tagg would actually track pets travel. False notices, like middle of night when dogs sleeping in my room not wearing transmitters…Go figure! As for customer service, Tagg was top notch…Whistle sucks! Have tried contacting them several times via Whistle site never getting a response. Currently have one of my two just stopped working. Looking for replacement for two better made GPS units that comes with good customer service> Any suggestions?Pets That Rule also offers the budget friendly, a durable, fun collar available in a variety of bright colors to choose from. Many of our collars also have matching or contrasting also available for a coordinated look. We invite you to bookmark this page and stop back often as we continue to add to our dog collar collection. Our goal is to offer only the best in quality selections because nothing is too good for our pets!