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But didja know that offensive Halloween costumes even extend to pets? Here are some of the worst:
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Aside from the Halloween parties and trick or treating, choosing a Halloween costume always seems to be a big part of the fun on Halloween. And Halloween always presents fantastic photo opportunities too, so these amazing pet costumes are the perfect way to include family pets into your family Halloween photos.
Dress up your doggie (or cat) for Halloween in one of these adorable "costumes" for pets!
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Sorry to say it, but pets manage to pull off Halloween costumes in a way humans just can’t. Below, ten examples of pets with the *coolest* costumes (plus, tips on how you can coordinate your costume with your pet to up your cool factor): Are you ready for Halloween? Don't forget your furry babies! Check out these adorable Disney Halloween costumes for your pets!
Photo provided by FlickrThe pet Halloween costume business is booming, with consumers expected to spend some $350 million to dress up their pets, .
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If you had any doubt that Americans love to pamper their pets, we can put that to rest now. Every Halloween, we spend about . So if you want to dress up your favorite four-legged friend this Halloween, you won’t be alone. Get into the spirit with these 15 ridiculously cute costumes ideas.Even though stores have been displaying Halloween-themed items since August, we’ve finally reached the holiday’s home month, which is why I’m giving you a look at some of the fun new costumes that are available for all kinds of pets.Every year Americans spend billions of dollars on their pets across a variety of categories like health care, apparel, food and accessories. This year, more than 171 million Americans will celebrate Halloween by spending approximately $8.4 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. And a significant portion of that money is being spent on pets, with 16% of parents expected to dress their furry family members in costume this year. Whether they're sporting a simple lion's mane or a full-fledged Mario costume, pets make some of the cutest Halloween characters padding around the streets — or greeting trick-or-treaters at home. Take a look at these adorable Halloween-ready pets, and check out more photos
If you’re not sure your dog would enjoy wearing a costume (and many dogs are not interested in doing so), then don’t force them. There are many other options, such as specially designed paint for pets from . It offers a variety of Stencil Packs as well as individual Halloween-themed stencils and, of course, a variety of pet-safe spray paint colors. Remember, this might not be for every dog, as some cannot tolerate the noise the spraying makes during application. There is no reason to stress out your pets.Pet costumes have been gaining popularity in recent years, with 16 percent of Americans saying they’ll dress up their dogs, cats and bunnies for Halloween this year, according to the National Retail Federation. The most popular costumes for pets were gender-neutral pumpkins, hot dogs and bumblebees.