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Search for adoptable pets at shelters and rescues, in Miami, Florida, and adopt your new Pets.
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This act of vandalism has presented a great hardship for the Humane Society of Greater Miami because it prevents the organization from performing its normal, daily operations requiring transport. Animals cannot be taken to hospitals to receive emergency care that its own medical team cannot provide; pets cannot be transferred to our partner, Pet Supermarket, to be put up for adoption; and food and necessary pet supplies cannot be transported to the shelter. The Humane Society will suffer significantly in its ability to care for and to help animals in need.
Miami Pets Alive has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Miami, Florida.
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The Humane Society of Greater Miami has limited space available to accept new pets for adoption. Therefore, it is extremely important that you do your best to find your pet a home yourself. If you have tried all of the above suggestions and you are still unable to find your pet a home, you may bring them to the Humane Society of Greater Miami to see if we are able to accept him for adoption. All animals must pass a health and temperament test before we accept them, and we must have space for them. Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc. has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Miami Beach, Florida.
Photo provided by FlickrSearch for adoptable pets at shelters and rescues, in Miami, Florida, and adopt your new Special Needs Pets.
Photo provided by FlickrSearch for adoptable pets at shelters and rescues, in Miami, Florida, and adopt your new Declawed Cats.
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We host and participate in plenty of adoption events throughout Miami-Dade County, making it easier for folks to adopt loveable pets abandoned in dire straits that are searching for their forever home.Animal Services is committed to making Miami-Dade County a no kill community. Our goal is to find life-long homes for pets in need and reunite lost pets with their owners. Some of our life saving programs and initiatives include: mobile pet adoption events, foster, transport and volunteer programs, rescue partnerships, pet retention programs, grant programs, educational programs, free and low-cost sterilization and vaccination services, and a trap, neuter and return program for community cats.Miami-Dade Animal Services has undertaken a no kill mission to help save the lives of ALL adoptable pets abandoned at the Pet Adoption and Protection Center. To help fulfill this mission, Animal Services uses its mobile pet adoption unit, named the HOPE Express, to bring our pets closer to the citizens of our Community. HOPE is an acronym for Helping Our Pets Every day. We are Helping Our Pets Every day, delivering them to new homes –with urgency, with movement, with direction and with hope.Another great resource for finding a specific pet for adoption is . On Petfinder, you can enter a description of the pet you are looking for and then search through a database containing hundreds of adoptable pets in your area, including adoptable pets at the Humane Society of Greater Miami.All three organizations are completely different organizations and are not related to each other. This Humane Society is a private, not-for-profit charitable animal welfare organization that cares for adoptable pets and provides the public with quality adoption services, low-cost preventive healthcare and spay/neuter services and extensive humane education programming for citizens of all ages. We guarantee a second chance for the animals in our stewardship by caring for them for as long as it takes to find them a loving home – no matter how long it takes. Would you like to help us help the homeless pets of Greater Miami? to make a donation! Have you ever seen an adorable cat or kitten up for adoption and featured on your local news channel? Those great cats and kittens aren’t rare finds! They are the norm, and just about everywhere – including right here in Miami, FL – there are too many pets and not enough homes choosing to adopt them. Unfortunately, many animals are still not spayed or neutered resulting in thousands of unwanted cats and kittens each year.