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Groomers trim the animal’s claws and fur. They trim fur in a manner that enhances the pet’s appearance. Oftentimes, the groomer is responsible for giving the pet a cut that gets the fur out of his or her eyes or keeps the pet cooler. The groomer treats pets for fleas, ticks and other skin and fur conditions. Groomers recommend products to pet for certain skin conditions, and they also educate the owner on grooming practices in between visits.
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The only state accredited dog grooming school in Kansas is found in Wichita, located in south-central Kansas, along the Arkansas River. The curriculum at the school comprises a 10-week course that provides students with a broad range of dog grooming techniques. Areas of instruction at the school include bathing practices, techniques for hair styling and safe handling of pets. Students also learn about the various diseases that afflict dogs and become knowledgeable in recognizing the different symptoms associated with various dog health issues. Students are assessed regularly through several tests. To gain more practical skills, you may want to complete an internship or formal apprenticeship with a local dog grooming facility. This is an excellent opportunity to apply concepts learnt in training and to develop hands-on experience in dog grooming. FOR PET’S SAKE GROOMING
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Sparkling Pets was founded for one simple purpose: to make the grooming experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible for pet and owner. Safety, comfort and your pet’s well-being are our highest priorities. That is why our grooming vans are fully self-sufficient, with A/C, heated water and all the amenities that your furry loved one deserves. What’s more, our groomers are certified in pet CPR.Groomers trim the animal’s claws and fur among many other duties. The trimming of fur in a manner that enhances the pet’s appearance. Oftentimes, groomers are responsible for cuts improving site or improving body temperature of the animal. The groomer can treat pets for fleas, ticks and other skin conditions. Also recommend products best for certain skin conditions and educate the owner on grooming practices in between visits.If you have a passion for dogs and would like to work with them daily, becoming a dog groomer in Washington may be the perfect career choice for you. Although not everyone has the desire to become a Veterinarian or Vet Tech, people can still get to work with furry friends daily by becoming a dog groomer. They will often be responsible for pets of all sizes, and will need to know how to handle animals as well as how to groom them appropriately. Washington dog groomers are in demand, and anyone entering the field can expect to find a rewarding career working with animals.She strives to make the grooming experience as stress-free as possible. She believes it is a must to have a great deal of patience and trust, as well as the ability to read dogs' body language. She has had a great amount of success in grooming pets without using any form of sedation. Clients have told her that she has a special knack for working with dogs that other groomers turn away.The process of becoming a dog groomer in Washington starts with receiving training. This does not necessarily have to be in a formal training program, although actually attending school and receiving a certificate have the potential to increase the person’s earnings. It also has the potential to make the groomer more marketable for future employment. Programs may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Longer programs have a more extensive curriculum. This allows groomers to learn a greater number of techniques that are more advanced. Learning how to calm the pet prior to grooming, will help in the process of shampooing, trimming and shaving of pets fur and nails.A dog groomer typically works in pet salons, kennels, animal hospitals, or even pet retail stores with grooming services. Their main job role is to groom and care for dogs and other pets, as needed. This includes bathing, brushing, clipping and maintaining fur, styling, and clipping nails and other aesthetic and grooming needs. In Virginia, there are no legal or educational requirements for becoming a pet groomer, but the more education and experience that you have, the more you can expect to earn, even early in your career.