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All across the nation pets are rushing to MyPetDMV to get their personalized Pet ID License Tag!
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Been having an issue with my pet journal and after going through and disabling each individual pet addon I have, I've determined it's being caused by this one. Whenever I try to filter my pets (i.e. uncheck all families and then just turn on one to see just that family) or search through my pets, after anywhere from 5 seconds down to less than one second, the list resets itself to the normal filters (all active except "not collected") and, if I'm searching for a string, the search gets cancelled (though the string remains in the search box and if I change the string at all -- i.e. add/remove a character or space -- it will show results again for a few seconds before resetting once again). There are no errors being thrown (at least not that are showing up in Swatter) so I'm not sure what exactly is causing this. All I know is that it's this addon.
True stories of how Love Your Pets ID Tags helped bring pets home safely.
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4. Tags can be made of any material. Metal? Psh, that’s old news. There are many nowadays, including rubber ones (if you want something a little quieter), ones made out of a reflective material (to make the pet more visible at night) and even ones that light up (just for fun). You can also attach a bell to your pet’s ID tag or collar so that it jingles and makes their location easier to pinpoint in the house or around the neighborhood. Yet a study published in revealed that only 33 percent of owners keep ID tags on their pets.
Photo provided by FlickrSo what should you put on your pet’s ID tag?
Photo provided by FlickrPetSmart also sells a variety of engraved pet ID tags:
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I received my California ID, and it's really quite nice...shows the pets picture clearly and all of her info. Thank you for sending it so quickly...The ID that looks like a Driver's License for all 50 States. Your loved cat, dog, or any pet will get an authentic State Dog ID collar tag, along with (3) Personalized Key-Chain IDs for $19.95. Additional pets only $9.95 at checkout! Get the most unique Personalized Pet ID Tag available.So far, we've reunited over 2,000,000 pets with their owners, and we're committed to providing total pet recovery services to achieve 2,000,000 more. Your annual HomeAgain membership includes the found pet travel policy that helps make extraordinary long-distance reunions possible and keeps us heading toward our goal.Avoid heavy & noisy thick plastic tags - go with the original Pet Driver’s License®. Each personalized pet id comes with an 100% lifetime guarantee while providing a portion of each sale back to pets in need. Together we can help pets while keeping your pet safe.Our Pet IDs and Dog Collar tags can be put on your keychain, on your Pet's collar, or keep as a spare Pet ID in your wallet. Design Online in under 5 minutes, orders print in 24 hours. Did you know local animal shelters hold untagged pets as few as three days? Tagged pets are usually held longer, and animal shelters will try to contact owners using the information on the tags.We engrave pet ID tags so lost pets can be reunited with their families as quickly as possible. A split ring fastener is included with each tag. Please allow up to to receive your tags.American Humane encourages all pet owners to take the added security precaution of having their pets microchipped. Microchipping serves as a permanent identification system that will always be with your pet. Nearly all animal shelters across the country routinely scan every animal upon intake for the presence of a microchip. Most veterinary clinics also have microchip scanners.