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With all of the time and thought that goes into choosing your pet’s food, chew toys and beds, consider investing time toward planning for your pet’s veterinary health care needs. Take a few minutes to talk with your veterinarian about the options you have for pet medical care insurance. Creating your family’s health safety net is not easy, but with the right information, you can make the healthiest choices for all your family members, two-legged and four. With year-round medical care, you can ensure Fido will not just sit and stay but will sit and stay for years to come!
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Our love of cats and dogs is why we provide comprehensive coverage for pets and strive to offer an exceptional insurance experience for pet owners. We can approve and pay bills directly to select veterinary hospitals within minutes, our customer care team is available to assist 24/7, and we have trained veterinary professionals working throughout our company to help us better understand the medical issues pets face. Because of these unique offerings, we consider ourself a step above traditional pet insurance and prefer to be known as medical insurance for cats and dogs. No matter what you choose to call us, rest assured that our policy has what it takes to help protect your pet: Trupanion Medical Insurance for Breeding Pets
Photo provided by FlickrTo help with the cost of keeping pets healthy, many owners are opting for pet medical insurance plans
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As pets live longer and have access to more life-saving—and expensive—treatments, you might be considering health insurance, which many providers now offer. (The American Veterinary Medical Association has a list of providers .)People who would rather save for a rainy-day fund may not feel comfortable purchasing insurance. We respect that. We also know that many pet owners end up with large medical bills before they've been able to save enough money to cover them. As more and more people consider pets part of their families, pet insurance especially helps those who would do whatever it takes to keep their pets healthy and happy.Pets Best has no upper age limits, so you can insure your dog or cat at any age over 7 weeks. As your pet ages, more medical problems may develop and the need for pet health insurance will likely increase. Chronic disorders and medical problems that wouldn't be dangerous when young can be easily life threatening as your pet grows older.1989 – Pet health insurance was introduced into the Canadian market by Petplan (now Western Financial Insurance), MediPet and Petsure.Filing a pet insurance claim is easy with Pets Best. Most are processed in 5 days or less, and many don't require medical records. We also offer free direct deposit reimbursement.As veterinary medicine is increasingly employing expensive medical techniques and drugs, and owners have higher expectations for their pets' health care and standard of living than previously, the market for pet insurance has increased.