Gallery: N.J. pets in need: June 5, 2017

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Gallery: N.J. pets in need: April 24, 2017
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Only service animals accompanying customers with disabilities or their trainers, police dogs, and small pets in carry-on travel cages are allowed on-board NJ TRANSIT trains or buses. Gallery: N.J. pets in need: June 26, 2017
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While raising my family we had everything from dogs to chinchillas to cats and rats. Over the years I have taken care of my family and friend's pets and greatly enjoyed doing this. I decided to take my passion for pets and turn it into a full time occupation.
I tremendously enjoy the time I spend with all animals in my care, as well as providing a worry free time for my clients while away from home.There is currently no statute regarding pet custody, and so it remains a problem to many couples going through a divorce in NJ. Over the past decades, New Jersey courts considered a pet simply as personal property, much like couches, beds, tables, and so on. Following a divorce or separation in New Jersey, these pets were awarded to either spouse or partner as personal property. Arguments have been raised in regard to pet custody, stressing that owners have placed high premiums on pets and have treated these much like their heirlooms. Some arguments also emphasized that a pet is not just property, but has unique value which cannot be replaced with monetary compensation.Like other family members, pets are also valued members of a family. These loved pets are treated like special family members and are treasured as more than just property. However, problems in regard to pet custody may arise when relationships end in separation or divorce. Who should take possession of said pet in a NJ divorce or separation?Pets Pets Pets in Califon, NJ is your locally owned and privately operated pet store. Since 1977 we have provided parts of Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset, Warren and Sussex counties with the finest supplies and foods to help you better care for your pets.We are an independently owned and operated EarthWise Pet Franchise in Turnersville, NJ. We are a husband and wife team dedicated to serving customers with caring for the health and wellness of their furry children. Our little boy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Reese, is the reason why we chose to purchase this franchise. He has been dealing with neurological, heart and allergy issues for many years. We did research on all his aliments and have learned that nutrition and what we apply to our pets skin plays a big part in the wellness of our pets. Having had many health issues as a human and learning that the gut plays a big part in how you feel, switching to natural, holistic and organic foods has made a big difference in our quality of life. It also plays the same part in our cats and dogs lives as well. EarthWise seemed to be the right match for us.Survey the gallery to see all the dogs in the larger group (you can vote for small dogs in a separate post) and read what their owners said about them. Then cast a vote for your favorite dog in the poll below. The top two vote-getters will advance in the competition for a chance at the Top Pet title. NJ Advance Media staff will pick two other pets from the larger submission pool -- other categories include small dogs, cats and non-dog and cat pets -- to join the final.