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Our pets are part of the family — there’s no doubt that sometimes they come first. Because we all want our pets to live long and healthy lives, TexVetPets has compiled pet care information in one reliable place. We provide articles that provide accurate answers to the health questions that arise for Texas domestic and exotic pet owners, covering all aspects of ownership: behavior, health, nutrition and overall wellness. All of the articles on TexVetPets are written by veterinarians and veterinary professionals, and then reviewed by licensed Texas veterinarians. Our TexVetPets writers are members of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, one of the largest state veterinary associations in the United States, established in 1903.
Many exotic pets live a long time. People frequently comment that they could never own a pet because they'd get so attached to it that they couldn't bear losing it.
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Probably one of America’s most popular small pets, but unfortunately perhaps bought too often for small children where suitability is suspect, hamsters generally are very short-lived animals with a lifespan that doesn’t exceed 4 years. Hamster longevity varies by species, but on average, 3 years old is what most well-cared for hamsters can hope to achieve. Nov 9, 2010 - Not every animal friend is created equal, at least when it comes to mortality
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I have one and I must say they are low maintenance but depending on your crab's personality they may not be very social. Most people would recommend a cage mate but my crab does not like cage mates and will not be happy if I try to introduce another crab. But if you want one of these pets be aware that they live VERY long, I've had mine since I was 8 years old and she's 21 years old now but still has a good 10 years left! So be aware that these pets live LONG but personally, I haven't regretted the pet yet Easier travel opportunities. When you consider that many of us enter periods of frequent travel because of career opportunities, higher economic status or retirement, the presence of pets can become a serious issue. With a long-lived animal, humans no longer have the ability to say, “When Fluffy passes, I’ll finally take that vacation.” Honestly, it’s one of the reasons why I don’t believe that keeping long-lived creatures, like primates and large parrots, is a good idea for most people. Not only do these animals require more attention and enrichment, because of their higher intelligence compared to such traditional pets as and dogs, but their longevity also makes for lots of practical problems you might not immediately consider. Estate planning. Yes, your pets are technically . Yet precious few of us make appropriate plans for transferring ownership of our pets when we pass. That would have to change if pets lived much longer. I’ve had the opportunity to recognize that horse, parrot and primate owners tend to plan more carefully for their animals’ future than those of us who “enjoy” pets with fewer years to spare. Attachment issues. Sorry to inject this sad dose of reality, but it’s been my observation that owners whose animals live longer often suffer disproportionately more than those whose pets live normal lifespans. It makes sense that it would be harder to let go of someone you’ve lived with for 22 years versus the more standard 12, don’t you think?These fairly small, highly intelligent animals make popular pets and can live very long with some parrot species reaching the hundred year mark and beyond (so get that will ready!)
Keep in mind, if you hate noise, chirping or even talking, a bird may not be for you. The lifespans vary largely from species to species with lovebirds reaching 10 years, the Parakeet ten to 15 years, the Cockatoo 30 to 40 years and the Macaw 30 to 50 years!