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I'm pretty handy.....and the door (in theory is not difficult to install).....however, its so flimsy and uses cheap screws to bind the door parts. (If you over tighten any one screw.....then it pops apart and you have to start over).

Door performance: the cats embraced it. When they exit quickly...the door will close behind them. If they exit slowly.....it stays paritally open which allows for the cold/hot weather to enter. The directions say it has to be level to close properly. Its level.....and doesnt close properly.

Once I locked the cat out.....only to return home to find he busted through the door and it fell apart into 3 pieces. Had to reinstall.

I regret purchasing this door and wish I had gone with their weather door flap system instead.


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the 4-Way Locking Big Cat Door! We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with installation, and we would like to help! If the door is sticking open, the cut-out may be a bit too snug. We will be reaching out to you privately in order to find a solution!
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Give access to your playful cat by installing the PetSafe Big Cat Door. For pets that weigh up to 25 pounds, the door provides 4 access settings such as open, locked, in only access or out only access. Smart and enhanced design makes installation simpler and the new screw lengths with binder posts bring down the need to trim screws. PETSAFE CAT DOOR 4 WAY BIG 1EA
Photo provided by FlickrJun 3, 2017 - 4-Way Locking Big Cat Door by PetSafe® is the biggest cat door for pets under 25 lbs.
Photo provided by Flickr4-Way Locking Big Cat Door - PetSafe
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Worked fine until the plastic door broke...probably 8-9 months, but didn't register it and will never find receipt.. Like everyone else, I can't buy replacement door, so just out of luck I guess.


Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with the 4-Way Locking Big Cat Door. More information is needed in order to provide assistance! We will reach out to you privately so that we can create a better experience for you and your cat.

UPDATE: Petsafe contacted me immediately regarding my experience and offered to make it right. Very impressed with their customer service and have reassessed my opinion. I like a company who stands behind their product.(Originally known as the Staywell 280 "Big Cat" Flap) is a small/medium sized pet door designed for installation in plate glass, tempered glass (with the help of a glazier) or any solid or hollow core door. It would also be appropriate for installation in a Plexiglas or polycarbonate panel substituted for a piece of tempered glass.A 'core cover' piece is included for installation in a hollow core door whether metal, wood or storm door design.PetSafe suggests that this size is appropriate for small to very large cats and dogs to about 22 lbs. As always, we suggest you simulate the opening and test with your pets before ordering.A mechanism is included.Flap is rigid and clear. White frame only.This PetSafe Cat Flap is identical to the discontinued Staywell 270 Slim Profile except the 270 had a frosted, colorless frame.