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'Top Tier' status is the use of unbreakable polycarbonate for the flap which completely eliminates the need to replace broken flaps. GlazTec (the manufacturer of the Catwalk pet door series) guarantees the flap for as long as you own it.The Catwalk 'Original' pet door is designed to fit external wooden doors or wall panels. The adjustment range is from 5/8" to 2 ¼". A is included.Catwalk pet doors have been designed to be maintenance free by eliminating problems often associated with pet doors such as broken flaps, broken opening and closing systems, noise and seal damage by pets, rusting screws and difficulties with large cats.
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Easy to install and program, electronic & magnetic pet doors give you the flexibility to allow access to certain pets. The key worn on your pet's collar lets you keep the cat in and let the dog out or vice versa. Strays and wild animals can't enter your home through the door. Shop our selection of PetSafe, Cat Doors in the Doors & Windows Department at The Home Depot.
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The PetSafe 4-Way with Tunnel Cat Door gives you control of your cats indoor/outdoor access. The 4-Way security lock and a weather-resistant magnetic flap provides peace of mind. This energy-efficient cat door is easy to install with its universal fitting for walls and doors. As you can see, the main problem with pet doors are the chance encounters with wild animals. No matter how safe you are, there is always the chance of a stray raccoon coming in through the door, but the main conclusion from reviewing both Cat Mate and Petsafe is that they are quality companies that provide top-notch pet doors. You can browse the that best fit your needs in our cat door selection.Petsafe offers a reliable and inexpensive design with its cat doors. The doors are made from high impact plastic and support pets as large as 15 pounds. A Petsafe four-way door also features a magnetic closure to seal the flap in high winds or stormy weather and a sliding lock system you can set to in, out, both ways, or locked. The company’s automatic pet door offers a user-friendly design and a collar that requires no batteries.This kit comes with the flap, keep, and hinge cover for PetSafe® 4-Way Locking, Magnetic, & Deluxe Infra-Red Cat Doors (Square Flap) and Staywell® White 300/400/500 Series doors.Staywell brand pet doors were the largest selling brand of pet doors in the world prior to their acquisition by Petsafe. The Staywell company, originally from England, has dominated the cat flap and utility pet door market for many years at least as measured by unit sales. In the fall of 2005, Petsafe bought the Staywell brand and all lines of their pet doors. The models have not changed, though several have been discontinued, and Petsafe stands behind the Staywell products 100%. Some Staywell models have been renamed with the Petsafe trademark while others continue as 'Staywell' pet doors. Interior pet doors in your home let you keep certain pets in or out of certain rooms. Install it in the door to the room where you keep the litter box to give your cat a private bathroom, or install it in the door to your bedroom to let the cat in but keep the dog out.