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This system worked just like my previous systems and the collar is holding a charge above my expectations. The Innotek collars were easier to recharge by leaving them on the transmitter box or with the wall plug hanger. The PetSafe collar requires you to manually plug them in with the supplied charger and cable. Not a big deal really.
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Yes, the collar is slower to respond to the transmitter. This means that with the PetSafe wireless, you’re dog will need to retreat 15 feet into the yard before the collar stops correcting him. Also, the radial boundary fluctuates one minute to the next. It will fluctuate in and out 3 to 5 feet. Both issues makes training extra difficult. If you’re looking to go with a wireless fence, I recommend looking at the Havahart. It diminishes the above issues tremendously. Here’s a review page of our test results to help: PetSafe Wireless fence Collar - Extra Collar Guide & Reviews
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Thank you for taking the time to share your review, Victor. We are sorry to hear your GentleSpray® Anti-Bark Collars have stopped working for your pets; we can understand how upsetting this can be.Got Dog Problems? I bought this and it works! Check out my PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier Review. This system you can get for under $40 and it works 100%. My dog was peeing and pooing on a $2000 sofa but not once since I used the Petsafe Pawz away Indoor Dog Collar system.

I go through in detail in the video how it works, and exactly how to set it up. My dog's not had one accident since fitting this, but note you should only use it for 12 hours a day max. If you like this review and want more "Real Life" reviews please Click to Subscribe! ►

As with another persons review, our first collar fell apart and the device was lost and never found. Petsafe listened to my story and after explaining the problem with the 2 small nuts on the back becoming loose, they replaced the unit. I now check the nuts frequently and when I walk my dog I take the collar off. He doesn't bark at others and doesn't need correction while on leash anyway.Have you considered the Petsafe Wireless Fence Collar – Extra Collar for dogs 6″-28″ Neck? If yes, I assumed that you are in need of an extra collar for your wireless system. Now I am gonna show you only review for extra collar of wireless fence system.Thanks for taking the time to review the Wireless Pet Containment System™. We are so glad to hear that it has worked well for your home! The PIF-300 kit listed here includes the PIF-275 collar which is designed for pets 8 lbs. and up. We also have the Stay+Play Wireless Fence® Rechargeable Collar which is made for pets 5 lbs and up and can be seen here:I live in a trailer with aluminum siding. My dog has also never been trained on a wireless fence, and she’s very hard headed when it comes to training. There are also two trees in the middle of our yard. I ordered the Petsafe Stubborn Dog system, then changed over to this wireless system when I saw how easy the installation was. But reading the review now I’m worried that it wont work. I could put the unit outside, but cold weather can range from -10 to 30 this time of the year. Should I cancel my order and change back to the wired system?