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This flexible flap is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resin. Rigid flaps have a risk factor for injuring your pet or even a small child. The TPU flap will not puncture, tear, or change shape in extreme low or high temperature and is safe for pets. Dark tint to prevent sun damage and increases insulation and security. With the two flap version, this is a relatively high insulating pet door.This is among the better insulating dog doors. It creates an air pocket between the flaps and doubles the protection against drafts, and wind blowing the flap open. Use the single flap version where insulation is less important. In this case, the flap will be on the outside while the locking cover remains on the inside.Designed to be rugged and stylish. Unlike other metal framed dog doors that have flat metal frames, Pet-Corp dog doors have a beveled frame. Just like a picture frame.The Pet-corp tunnel requires no cutting or assembling. Completely frames in the hole in your wall quickly and easily.Wall thickness adjustment range is 4" to 7 1/8".Pet-Corp security dog door's locking cover consists of a polyethylene core laminated between two aluminum alloy sheets. This produces a very strong material mainly used for building siding.
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(Originally known as the Staywell 280 "Big Cat" Flap) is a small/medium sized pet door designed for installation in plate glass, tempered glass (with the help of a glazier) or any solid or hollow core door. It would also be appropriate for installation in a Plexiglas or polycarbonate panel substituted for a piece of tempered glass.A 'core cover' piece is included for installation in a hollow core door whether metal, wood or storm door design.PetSafe suggests that this size is appropriate for small to very large cats and dogs to about 22 lbs. As always, we suggest you simulate the opening and test with your pets before ordering.A mechanism is included.Flap is rigid and clear. White frame only.This PetSafe Cat Flap is identical to the discontinued Staywell 270 Slim Profile except the 270 had a frosted, colorless frame. Insulated Flap Kit for Extreme Weather Pet Door - PetSafe
Photo provided by FlickrThis insulated replacement flap kit fits the Extreme Weather Pet Door
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The main difference between the and the old Johnson and Petsafe Ultimate pet doors is the material of the flaps. They are made from a , making them more than the older versions but also and . Some dogs will find this difference offensive, and might choose not to use the pet door. Smaller dogs especially might find the weight more challenging than their previous, lighter flaps. Most dogs will figure them out, as the desire to go outside overpowers the skepticism of the new flap!Depending on the model of PetSafe dog door you use in your home, you will need one of two flaps to replace the broken one. To find out which one you need, check the instructions or owner’s manual that came with your pet door. If you are unable to find the information, always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations online. Pros & Cons: Shepherds of around 100 lbs fit perfectly through these doors, and most dog owners are very happy that PetSafe doors keep their rooms warm, all mostly because it has not one, but three flaps. One of the issues is the fact that door opening is pretty big, and kids can go through.This Door will accommodate even the largest cat and many dogs too, perhaps, 25 lbs. The 7" x 9 1/2" flap dimension is very large for a "Cat Flap" design pet door. Don't let the name "Dogwalk" bother you. This door is great for cats too!Pet-tek has done a great job with the flap as it is made from the same material as their popular, regular sized cat flap - polycarbonate. This is a very strong material that we'd expect to survive a great deal of use.The general rule of keeping the top of the flap opening above the pets shoulder is doubly important for the cat flap style doors. This practice eliminates the strain on the "ears" that support the flap in the frame.As with nearly all cat flaps, a 4-way lock is included with the usual settings: in-only, out-only, unlocked and locked. The self-framing adjustment range is 3/8" - 2" which will fit nearly all interior and exterior doors. Because they're self-framing, installation in a hollow core wood or steel door is not a problem.