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At PetSafe, we understand how important your pets are to you. We also understand that with a busy lifestyle, it's important to give your pets the freedom to come and go as they need to. We deliver this convenience through our pet doors. This video will show you how to install our durable Freedom aluminum pet door. Begin by removing the door from its hinges. Now, set your door on a raised workspace. We recommend sawhorses. Note the top and bottom of the door before cutting. You can install your pet door anywhere within the door. We've chosen to mount ours in the center. You will need to measure the height of your dog; measure from the floor to the top of your dog's shoulders. Mark the shoulder height on the door. If you have a raised panel door, after you have cut out your opening, you have the option of building up the lower area with wood strips to make the surface even and support the frame. Find the appropriate door size on the template, and cut it out. There is a shoulder height line provided on your door template; align this with the mark that you just made on your door. You will need to leave at least 3 inches from the bottom of your door to the bottom of the hole you will cut for your pet door. Once you've determined your location for your pet door, tape your template into place. Using a 3/8 drill bit, drill holes in each of the four corners of the template. Beginning in one of the four corner holes that you just drilled, use an appropriate cutting tool and cut along the template line. Once you've finished cutting the hole, clean off your door, including the excess template. Mark the screw holes in the door frame. Remove the door frame. Using a 1/4" drill bit, drill the holes you've marked. From the other side of the door, attach the exterior door frame. Hold the frame pieces together with one hand, and using the hardware provided, install the screw and nut. Repeat this across the frame. Now, flip the door over. Cut off the excess screws using wire cutters. The installation of your Freedom aluminum pet door is now complete. You may now remount your door, and begin training your dog to use your pet door. We've also provided a closing panel for use with your door. With a bit of training and a bit of patience, soon, you and your pet will be enjoying all the benefits of the PetSafe Freedom aluminum pet door.
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This durable Plastic Pet Door gives you and your furry pal the independence you both deserve. The frame is paintable to match any decor and a snap-on closing panel is included to use during those times when you do not want your pet to use the pet door or during inclement weather. The soft, flexible tinted flap is safe and easy for your dog to push open so he can let himself out – and back in. For better weather insulation, the magnetic strip at the bottom of the flap keeps the flap closed when your pet's not using the door. Shop our selection of PetSafe, Dog Doors in the Doors & Windows Department at The Home Depot.
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Interior pet doors in your home let you keep certain pets in or out of certain rooms. Install it in the door to your bedroom to let the cat in but keep the dog out or vice versa. Magnetic doors respond to the magnet in your pet's collar key. Let your small dog outside to use the bathroom, or give your cat exclusive access to her litterbox. Pet doors let you give your pets exactly what they need. A dog door to the yard gives your dog outside independance. keeps the dog out and keeps the smell in. Pet doors can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Whether you want to let your dog out to play in the yard, in the laundry room, or let some pets out and keep other pets in, pet doors make life easier for you and your pet. Interior pet doors in your home let you keep certain pets in or out of certain rooms. Install it in the door to the room where you keep the litter box to give your cat a private bathroom, or install it in the door to your bedroom to let the cat in but keep the dog out.Pets love to have the freedom to come and go. And their owners love the benefits of that freedom. When you install a Petsafe ® pet door, you'll finally have the flexibility to opt out of getting up early, in the middle of the night, or during dinner to let the dog outside.