Cat with PetSafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box

Assembling the PetSafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box
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The reasonable price of about $100.00 for a continuous cleaning waste removal litter box system is a remarkable value. The PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box System comes with a two year warranty and requires the use of self-clumping cat litter.
Petsafe Simply Clean Automatic Continuous Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning #Petsafe.
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Today, many are looking for electric cat litter boxes to save them from the hassle of cleaning their cat's waste from time to time. The litter box is an indoor feces and urine disposal box for cats. However, finding such products are very difficult because most litter boxes are operated manually and if in case there is, it is a bit expensive compared to the traditional ones.

In our search for electric cat litter boxes, we have found a product from Petsafe, the leading brand for pet supplies. Many have liked the performance of Petsafe when it comes to their products because they attest their clients worldwide the best item that they could have.

One product from them would be the Petsafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box. A lot of people didn't think that it is an electric litter box since it is not stated in their product description. The automatic litter box is odor-free, fresh and most of all ready for use. With that, there is no need to read the manual for 30 minutes to an hour just to have it assembled. The Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box is the only can litter system that initiates in cleaning and remove waste continuously and automatically. The litter box is simple to use and functions quietly as well as cleaning out the waste without disturbing the cat's business. The manufacturers of Petsafe products assures that the litter box is economical and environmentally friendly for it pans out the cat's litter with an internal filtering technique and conveys it to a recycled plastic bag. The product is pretty amazing because the pet owner's only job is to close the bag and discard. In spite of these positive reviews, this product also has its downside. In some cases, there is a tiny deposit left when the rake goes though however this is the same stuff that is missed with the regular scooper. The second problem entails to the height of the container, it is not enough for some cats who want a private time while doing their business. Nevertheless, if you're not into the intricate details, the Petsafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box is highly recommendable.
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Photo provided by FlickrPetSafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box, 3.1/5, $99.99$70.54.
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Until the new continuous cleaning litter box is running you will have to clean it by hand. The system has easy assembly for your convenience, uses premium self-clumping cat litter and uses regular store plastic shopping bags making it eco-friendly. PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box System has low voltage AC adapter so no batteries are required.The makers at PetSafe created a one of a kind continuous cleaning litter box. An automatic conveyor system slowly and quietly pushes the litter waste into the self contained trap. One of the best features is the gentle movement of the conveyor to not startle your furry friend(s). Every hour the conveyor will perform one full rotation sliding the soiled litter away. There are no cranks to make it go around, buttons you have to push, simply watch this touchless box perform its magic. The only maintenance to the PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box is providing clumping cat litter and an optional plastic bag to line the bottom of the catch bin. Cleaning is a breeze, pull out the bin, dispose of the waste, and add fresh kitty litter. The PetSafe continuous litter box functions 24 hours a day reducing bacteria and odors. PetSafe focuse on going green, they wanted to make a box as environmentally friendly as possible. There is less litter wasted due to the continuous clean system, recycled bags work great in the bin, and it’s powered by a low voltage AC adapter. This spacious box is recommended for cats up to 15 pounds or multiple cats. More glowing reviews and the best price we found here .The PetSafe Clean Continuous Automatic Litter Box is up for review today. With an overwhelming amount of touchless litter boxes on the market, it can be tough deciding which litter box to purchase. The PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box () is one of the best available self cleaning options on the market. This automatic litter box will provide that “clean” environment both you and your cat deserve. The manufacturer states that PetSafe Simnply Clean Electronic Litter Box uses the same amount of electricity in one Christmas light bulb. In other words, burn a Christmas bulb continuously 24/7 and that’s how much electricity it takes to run it. Besides, if you are willing to let the waste hang around a bit longer, you can always purchase a timer for the AC outlet to make it run only a few times per day, if you want to reduce the power consumption to the minimum.