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PetSmart Charities is providing $1 million to national animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society, which will lead a public-private partnership called the Baltimore Community Cats Project. Best Friends will work with Baltimore Animal Rescue and Control (BARCS) and other local Best Friends network partner organizations to implement a comprehensive Trap-Neuter-Return program to reduce the breeding of free-roaming cats, which will in turn help decrease the number of cats entering the city’s shelter system.
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EL PASO, Texas - The City of El Paso is launching a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program for feral cats thanks to a PetSmart Charities grant awarded to the Animal Services Division of the city's Environmental Services Department. Bryan and PetSmart Charities are helping end cat overpopulation by funding and designing Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs across North America
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"PetSmart Charities is excited to collaborate with Best Friends Animal Society, the City of Baltimore, BARCS and the trappers, caretakers and residents of Baltimore in this innovative, effective approach to managing and humanely reducing the City's free-roaming cat population,” said Jan Wilkins, executive director of PetSmart Charities, Inc.]Wilmington, Del. (March 7, 2017) — Forgotten Cats, Inc., a nonprofit cat rescue organization, today announced that it has received a grant from PetSmart Charities to humanely reduce the overpopulation of cats in southern Delaware. The grant will be used to cover the costs of TNVR (trap, neuter/spay, vaccinate, return) for 1,000 cats across Sussex County, excluding the neighborhoods of Georgetown, Lewes and Seaford. Best Friends will use funding from the PetSmart Charities grant to hire a full-time shelter coordinator and a full-time trapper/transport coordinator. The coordinators and trappers will work together to spay/neuter and vaccinate the cats entering the shelter and then return them to where they were found. The next step will be to identify the other community cats in that area and, using TNR, get other cats in the colony sterilized as well.ADITHYA SAMBAMURTHY: Dr. Julie Levy is a professor of veterinary medicine and is considered the preeminent feral cat researcher in the country. She runs one of America’s largest trap, neuter, return programs. It’s called Operation Catnip, and it receives support from PetSmart Charities. BRYAN KORTIS, PetSmart Charities: PetSmart Charities, in wanting to end cat overpopulation, has embraced trap, neuter, return as the most effective way to make that happen. The City of Bellmead has received Phase II of the PetSmart Grant. Last year, the city received $11,500 and spent $10,000 of that money for its Trap-Neuter-Release program to reduce the number of free roaming cats in Bellmead. The city was given one year to complete the capture and spay, neuter and rabies shots of more than 200 cats. They met the mark in four months.