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How much do PetSmart training classes cost and what do they typically include
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When I called PetSmart today, I found out the 6 week class was $119. I was a bit surprised at the cost and am just not sure if its worth it or not. She's getting better with sit and shake and I'll willing to spend some time in with training her at home. And I think it'd be nice to get the kids to work with her a little bit at the class and of course would be nice to get her around some other dogs. Willing to spend the money on something that's worthwhile, just not sure if this is it or not.
How much do PetSmart training classes cost and what do they typically include?
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Content: Attention, sit, down, stay, come when called, loose-leash walking, leave it, polite greetings
Cost: $225
Prerequisites: Positive reinforcement Basic Obedience class (sorry, PETCO and PetSmart classes don’t satisfy the requirement) Petsmart Puppy Classes Cost Seward AK 99664
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They go through a short training program ( I believe it's about 3 weeks) I was going ot work there but I don't believe with the lack of ethics the company has. I personally wouldn't go there. I went to a petsmart with my lab and one of the trainers came up and started talking with me. She was not very good with Abby and seemed incredibly frustrated by her ( Abby was 6 months and wouldnt listen to what she was telling her) She told me what Abby would learn in her obedience classes and it was actually less money to go to an independant trainer who had great reviews. A week later I saw the petsmart trainer at the dog park. Her dogs were not listening to her and she could not get them to come when called ( I was pretty proud that mine did!) Try a one on one in home evaluation with a real behaviorist, they don't cost as much as you might think and the outcome is worth it! Check the yellowpages or get a recommendation from a vet or pet store( thats is'nt petsmart)