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Guinea Pigs at PetSmart, I wish i could have one. But i mostly want a dwarf hamster. :3
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Fast forward a few months later my girlfriend and I were at petsmart looking at the small animals we come to find out by a store employee that of the 2 locations they have one sells females and one sells male animals. We looked at each other and said well that is not possible as we were told both were males yet we got our pigs from separate locations and the 14 day guarantee even says they are males. We go back home and search on how to sex a guinea pig to find out that indeed our skinny pig is a girl. I am sure you guys can figure out where I am going with this. So we complain to petsmart about this problem and they decide to pay for a separate cage.
Went to Petsmart to buy my Guinea Pigs some hay, found some cuties there.
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Petsmart is a great place to get your small furry friends but any pet store that sells hamsters or mice will probably carry guinea pigs too. I know ... At my Petsmart, they adopt out cats and dogs, but of course they still sell guinea pigs.
Photo provided by FlickrFemale Guinea Pig at PetSmart. Shop all small pet hamsters, guinea pigs & more online.
Photo provided by FlickrGuinea Pigs: Care, Facts & Information | PetSmart
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Took a video of some guinea pigs and a chinchilla at the local Petsmart to test the new iPhone 4 video camera. Try it in 720p!