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I want to give special thanks to PetSmart for releasing House Training a Puppy - PetSmart.

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Take a look at PetSmart stats and you'll understand why I am a fan.

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I cannot comment on Admor's views as an employee at PetSmart. However, I will say that "Sissy-lala training" is a poor view of our practices from a trainer point of view. Positive reinforcement training is just as it is described, it focus on a positive owner response to desired or expected behavior. For example, say your child did something you asked them to do, without any backlash or hesitation. Would you believe that by rewarding them with something nice, like a treat they love or even some strong good praise, that you can expect to see that same type of behavior in the future? That is the expectation from positive-reinforcement training, which is much more effective in getting the desired result across than negative reinforcement training via choke chains, static//citronella collars, or prong collars. Not to mention typical tactics like hitting or yelling at your dog. Try to use those same techniques to beat a good behavior the same child used in the previous example, and you might be viewed as a horrible parent and still have a poorly behaved child. We take training very seriously as it could affect the very bond between pet and parent, and the pet's life within a home. If they don't seem to "fit" because of house training issues, behavior issues, or socialization issues, the pet could end up in a shelter. Our mission in offering pet training is to prevent that from happening. Having too many trainers, or asking trainers to support each other by helping to sell each other's classes may seem excessive to some, but that same "pressure" Admor may be experiencing is the same pressure we all feel to provide the best options for the Total Lifetime Care of the pets that come into our stores. On a seperate note, when a trainer sells a class for another trainer, they do not get the commission on the class. If that were true, any that sells a class for any of our trainers would be entitled to that commission as well, and they are not. PetSmart – House Training a Puppy – PetSmart – PetSmart.
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