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I took my pomeranian to PetSmart in Terre Haute IN to get groomed several times. Every single time I have to explain to them that her previous owners neglected her, leaving her back legs underdeveloped. So she can't stand for long. They always say they will add it to her notes. Never gets done. They usually do ok with her regardless. However, this past time, I explained this AGAIN. I returned to pick her up. The groomer said "I couldn't groom her back legs. I don't know what's wrong with her but she doesn't want to stand up." So yet again, I told her about my dogs problems. She said "well we aren't even supposed to groom dogs who can't stand up anyway." Okay fine but everyone else is always able to groom her and hasn't mentioned that. But they don't have to worry, that was the last time I'll be taking her there. I'm not going to pay full price for my dog to be halfway groomed by a girl with a crappy attitude
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To say I am angry is an understatement -- I will never set foot in a PetSmart again and will go as far as not renewing my Banfields account when it needs renewing. I will be using a competitor across the road from this store who from reading their reviews are much better, more economical and from what I can gather better trained. PetSmart Groomers, you should be ashamed -- DO NOT USE THIS GROOMING SALON. I never write reviews but feel compelled to do so on this occasion! PetSmart Grooming Assistant Reviews | Glassdoor
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I left my dog to be groomed at the PetSmart location in Anderson SC. It was not the first time he had been groomed there. On one occasion he had razor burn on his tummy area, but I did not realize it until he was home. On the next visit, upon talking with the attendant that checked my dog in, I told her that on the previous visit, he had razor burn and asked that they please be careful. I also wrote this on the paper that she asked me to sign for his grooming on this day. We discussed the type cut he was to get, the blade that they were to use, a # 5, that his nails were to be filed. She had written all of this on the paper that she asked me to sign.. ** was to clip him. I agreed to everything as recorded and signed the paper. ** was not at the shop, was running late, so I didn't actually talk to her before leaving my dog.9 June 2017: I made an appointment on June 8 to have my dog bathed at PETSMART GROOMING. I was asked at the time if my dog had rabies shots. I replied that she did and they were on file in The PetSmart Store where the grooming was located. She told me that was fine and that "SHE" would call them and get the information before I came. When I arrived for my appointment I was asked about the rabies shot and I told them what I had been told. I was told that "I" had to go and get the information. I told her what I had been told the previous day. I went into the store, waited in line at Banfield Vet Clinic and got the information. However, that didn't excuse the fact that they ignored my instructions and just proceeded with whatever they decided to do. There was no reason for this to have happened. All that had to be done was for them to make a phone call to me to ask what my thoughts were on the shorter hair. I'm sure that this review is of no concern to PetSmart and that they could care less about my pet. I will tell everyone I come in contact with that has a need for a groomer to stay away from PetSmart. I will not be using their services at the grooming salon again. They obviously can't be trusted to follow your directions.Let's just say she's lucky, because he was pissed! So was I! There is no need to pull a dog's leg, or treat them abusively! I will never go back there again. If you do bring your dog here to this store at 601 Centerview Blvd Kissimmee FL, stay and watch your dog be groomed! Better yet, find a caring, PATIENT groomer! They are not! Oh and if this store is reading this review, my dog's name is Romeo! Look him up! You'll then know who was assigned! I suggest you find another profession! Animals aren't it!!! They don't even deserve the one star I gave them! All PetSmart suck! They should closely observed! Oh and the manager Cashier #** of this grooming department... get a personality! Yours sucks!