Petstages ORKA Jack Chew Toy - Large

Petstages ORKA Jack Chew Toy - Large * For more information, visit image link.
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The Petstages Orka Jack Dog Toy doubles as chew toy and a treat dispenser, making it a favorite of our furry friends. Made from durable materials, the Orka Jack satisfies dogs' urges to keeping them happy and occupied for hours!
Petstages Orka Jack with Rope (Small)
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PetStages Orka Jack Dog Toy is both a chew toy and a treat dispenser, making this a favorite among canines. Made from durable materials that’s great for powerful chewers, your pooch will have plenty of fun with his new toy. Features: Appealing "chewy" feel that dogs love Unpredictable bounce pattern for hours of playful fetch Durable material great for power chewers Hollow ends can be filled with treats if desired Includes: (1) Toy Intended For: Dogs Activity: Chew Color: Blue Advice for Use: While this product is made of an extremely durable material, no product is indestructible in all cases. As with any product, supervise your pet’s use of this toy. Inspect product regularly for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury could result. Intended for pets. Keep out of reach of children. Petstages ORKA Jack with Rope - Free Shipping
Photo provided by FlickrPetstages Orka Jack with Rope (Small)
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The folks at Petstages were nice enough to send us two toys to test out, but it turns out the second one is a toy we ALREADY own … the Orka Jack. Ours doesn’t have a rope, but we often fill the center tube with kibble for meal delivery fun, or we cram bigger dog treats into the two additional half-deep pockets for a real chewing challenge.Purchased this to replace the Petstages Orka Jack toy which apparently Petstages no longer makes. They are vastly different with the tumbler being inferior. It’s unfortunate they no longer make the Jack. It does not stand up to the rigorous chewing of Pomeranians — seriously. I have 2 Jacks and they will need to be replaced soon with something comparable.Through all the destruction and wasted money, I did finally find one toy that has lasted Harley over 6 months, the Petstages Orka Jack, even though Harley pulled out and shredded up the rope inside it, the jack itself still remains in tact. He has chewed, gnawed and scrapped his back teeth all over it and it has stood up to a lot of punishment. He seems to love how it feels when he chews it and loves to chase after it as it bounces randomly around the room due to its unique shape. This one has definitely lasted the longest out of all toys, I have accepted now that just because I like the cute fuzzy stuffed toys doesn't mean that Harley is capable of playing with them, so now he only gets very hard, durable rubber toys and real bones to play with but his Orka is his favorite!