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I love the pillow pets - my kids have the mini ones, and now my son has the glow puppy one. Great, fun, and safe toys. :) My little guy has been having issues with falling asleep in the dark, and we didn't want him snuggling with a hot flashlight, so him snuggling with this puppy pillow is PERFECT! We've had it for over a month and have changed the batteries once. Worth the cost of batteries as far as I'm concerned, but some might not think so. Just my opinion - great product - thanks!!
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Nemo is one of the brightest fish in the sea and one of the cuddliest Pillow Pets. His orange plush makes the perfect room décor and night light. Nemo’s image surrounded by tranquil stars, soothe little ones as they drift off to sleep. Buy (Doggie - Aroma Pets Pillow - Aromatherapy, Night Light, Comfort)
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Pillow Pets are two-in-one toys that allow kids to have a stuffed animal and a 16-inch pillow. The new Glow Pets, along with being a cuddly and comforting toy, have 20 bright LED lights inside, turning the Pillow Pet into a nightlight. The Shimmering Seal has purple-and-pink fur. Press the button on the seal's left front flipper to turn on the lights. The lights inside the pillow do not heat up, keeping the pillow cool to the touch so that kids can comfortably cuddle up with or sleep on the pillow while the lights are on. Parents can choose the timer option on the battery pack so that the lights automatically turn off after 20 minutes.Product Info: The Paw Patrol Skye and Rubble Pillow Pets Dream Lites are part stuffed animal, part pillow, and part night light. Each soft, plush, pup-shaped toy features lights to turn a child's bedroom into a starry sky. Each stuffed pup has a plastic top the same color as its vest - pink for Skye, and yellow for Rubble - with a pattern that illuminates. To activate the lights, place the toy on a flat surface about 6 feet from the ceiling. Turn the bedroom light off, and press the button on the pup's back. It will light up, and project a star pattern, and a paw, shaped just like the Paw Patrol logo. Kids can choose from alternating hues of amber, blue, and green light, which set the scene for a peaceful night's sleep. Parents will appreciate the built-in timer that shuts off after 20-minutes, giving little ones time to drift off to sleep, and helping preserve battery life. For continuous light, turn the switch underneath the pillow to the Timer Off position. Kids can unfasten the velcro strap on the bottom of each pup to convert Skye and Rubble into 10-inch pillows, or easily fold them back up into stuffed rescue dogs. Each is sold separately, and three AAA batteries are required.The Pillow Pets Dream Lites Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo is a soft bedtime toy that projects stars and Michelangelo's face onto a ceiling or wall. For full review and shopping info ►

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It has four light options: green, amber, blue, or a combination of all three colors that transition every four seconds in a continuous loop. The lights shut off automatically after 20 minutes. This is not only a light projector, but also a soft take-along pillow.

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Full TMNT playlist ► Give your child something practical and fun that they'll be sure to love. This Light Up Plush Doll Pillow for Kids is a soft and cuddly pillow. It has LED lights and a fun pet to have for your sleeping child. Collect all the pets: Droopy the Dog, Barry the Bear, Amara the Unicorn and Pinky the Ladybug. Suggested for ages 3 and up. Order yours today.