Replacement pump for Pioneer Pet Fountains

Pioneer Pet Pioneer Replacement Pump for Smartcat Drinking Fountains 12V Pump
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Keep your pet healthy and hydrated with the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain. This sleek and functional cat water fountain or dog water fountain is an ideal hydration solution for your pets. The ultra quiet pump continuously moves your pet’s water, circulating and aerating it with healthy oxygen. A built-in filter further cleanses and purifies the water for your pet to drink. The stainless steel fountain is dishwasher safe. To many animals, fountains and streams can be a more appealing water source than stagnant pools. This goes for pets as well. Movement tells pets that the water is fresh and clean, free of dust and other impurities that can sit on the surface of still water. Well-circulated water also contains more dissolved oxygen and is better aerated than standing water, making it fresher and tastier. The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain provides your pet with fresh, clean and continuously moving water. The circulation pump is super quiet and will not disturb your pet from enjoying a thirst-quenching drink. The well-aerated water also tastes great, making every drink delicious. The sleek silver design of this waterer makes it an ideal hydration accessory that can fit in nearly any room in your home. The 7.3’ power cord gives you flexibility for placement and setup. Use it as a cat water fountain or dog water fountain; the 60 oz capacity is ideal for either pet type and frees your time from continuously refilling the reservoir. The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain is made with dishwasher safe stainless steel for your convenience. The filter in this cat water fountain or dog water fountain should last up to 30 days with normal use; you can replace your filter with Pioneer Pet Raindrop Pet Fountain Replacement Filters, sold separately.
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I own a Pioneer Pet Fountain (raindrop design) and the original pump went out after quite a long time of service. In looking for a new pump, I called Pioneer Pet and their replacement pump was $18.99 PLUS $7.50 s/h. This pump is almost the EXACT same pump that came with the fountain, including the disconnect between pump and plug. It runs very quietly and fits the filter clam shell perfectly. So if you are looking for a replacement, this is your pump! Replacement Pump for 3026A 12V Pump & Transformer for all Pioneer Pet Fountains.
Photo provided by FlickrThis Pioneer Water Fountain Replacement Pump keeps the water flowing in all Pioneer pet fountains
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A small electric pump that can run continuously for several years if it’s properly maintained operates the fountain. If the pump does burn out, Pioneer Pet sells replacements for about $13. The triple layer filters remove solids and bad tastes and odors. The manufacturer recommends replacing them every 2-4 weeks. We’ve gotten away with replacing the filters every 4-6 weeks without any issues. The flow setting is inconveniently placed on the motor. So you’ll have to disassemble the fountain to adjust flow.This Pioneer Water Fountain Replacement Pump keeps the water flowing in all Pioneer pet fountains. Just remove the old pump and the replacement installs in seconds! Unit includes pump and 12V transformer.