To PJ's Pets and Pets Unlimited,

At PJ’s Pet Ranch, all pets are on a leash or crated whenever they are not in their private areas.
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Q: Pet-friendly Mountain Home Lodges: Does PJ’s Lodge allow pets?
A: Yes, PJ’s Lodge is a Pet-Friendly Lodge. We welcome dogs or cats, and allow up to 2 pets per room at no additional charge. Rooms 7, 8 and 9 are set aside as our Pet-Friendly rooms.
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"Just the regular dwarfs". Was the response of both of the employees from those two locations. I know its a pet store and you have to take care of quite a bit of animals in general, but you should know what you are selling! Especially if you get your hamsters from a breeder. When I got my hamster from pet smart (though it may not be the greatest place to buy, but all hammies need a home :3) they told me the gender, age and breed that I was getting! I also have a form that has the date as well as his information on it. So why do these two Pj's Pets places not know what type of hamsters they actually have. Jack is looking for his forever home! Stop by PJ's Pets in Brockville to see about adopting him.  Help...
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I’ve been using PJ’s for years. My dogs have always been happy to visit. Plus PJ is very rescue-friendly and has helped me with foster dogs many times. Prices are very reasonable and the location is convenient. I always know my pets are in good hands with PJ.I was under the impression the selling of puppies and kittens in pet stores was illegal in the city of Toronto, apparently not. As long as the cats/kittens are "surrendered" to the pet store they can be sold. Pj's pets also have a bengal and siamese kitten for sale. Why would breeders surrender the kittens to a pet store and suffer a financial loss?

Stop buying kittens from pet stores.

For less than $200 dollars you can adopt from a rescue group which includes a spay/neuter, several vets of vaccines, pet insurance and more.

It does not cost Pj's pets $200 to vaccinate a kitten. In the city of Toronto you can vaccinated/vet check a kitten for under $100.00.

Adopting from a pet store puts the kitten at a high risk of viruses. The kittens are not being handled by professionals i.e. people who have a educated eye for illness.

Stop buying, adopt from a rescue, it's the safest way.W Newtwork - Thursday October 25 at 9PM E/P
PJ's Pets & Pets Unlimited President Margaret Kordas steps out of the office and spends a week working in her own stores. Throughout her journey, she comes to appreciate the level of knowledge and competence the retail staff displays.PJ’s Pets & Pets Unlimited will be closing their doors at 27 locations across Canada, including the Barrie store located at 462 Bayfield Street."We applaud what PJ's Pets and Pets Unlimited are doing in giving up puppy sales to help organizations like ours find homes for more pets," said Kristin Williams, executive director of the Nova Scotia SPCA, in the release.PJ's Pets is an Ontario business that sells milled pups to suckers. It would be nice if the Toronto Sun would stop carrying their ads but I guess they put money over morality.