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To place a hold on a pet, simply come to our shelter and complete an adoption application.
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Adopted dogs make wonderful pets! So many people are told they can only get a dog with a good temperament if they purchase a pure bred from a breeder. This is not true. Dogs at Saving Grace are selected from local shelters where lack of kennel space keeps animals from being placed up for adoption. Before a dog comes into the Saving Grace program, it is evaluated for temperament and suitability as a family pet.
Adopting a pet from Molly's Place Rescue is simple – just come to our Adoption Center and find the pet that's the right match for you
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The adoption fee for cats/kittens and dogs/puppies includes a spay or neuter, deworming, physical exam, rabies and distemper vaccines, and a microchip. Dogs and puppies older than 6 months of age undergo a heartworm test and receive the first month’s heartworm pill as well. Cats and kittens undergo a leukemia test. New dog owners are issued a license for all Boston residents. Both puppies and kittens younger than 4 months of age may receive the remainder of their shots at the shelter. You will be required to fill out an application and sign a contract to adopt from the City of Boston. The 24- to 48-hour process is in place to ensure the most stable adoption for each pet and family. Dog Adoption :: Search by breed, size, age and location.
Photo provided by FlickrYour dog needs to know that you are the in charge and that you have a set of rules to live by
Photo provided by FlickrAdopt a dog or cat today! Search for local pets in need of a home.
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The Shelter Pet Project, launched in 2009, is a public service ad campaign focused on spreading the word that pets in shelters are wonderful and lovable, and encouraging potential adopters to consider the shelter as the first place to look when acquiring a “new best friend.”The "Featured Pets" listing is updated on a weekly basis so please check back regularly for new additions and adoption success stories! This listing represents only a small group of our animals housed at the Prince William County Animal Shelter. Please visit the shelter in person to be sure you meet every one of the animals available for adoptable. The Prince William County Animal Shelter tracks our animals by reference numbers (example: SAR #123). Please provide this reference number (note: listed as the I.D. on Petfinder) when inquiring about a particular animal. Are you considering adopting a cat or kitten? Depending on your age and lifestyle, you may be better off adopting an adult cat rather than a kitten. If you are elderly, work long hours, or have young children, an adult cat may be the best match for your home. If you plan to leave a kitten home alone while you're working, the kitten may become lonely and destructive. An adult cat is usually much calmer and less likely to get into trouble than a kitten. If you lead a very busy lifestyle, consider adopting two cats to keep each other company. Young children move quickly and like to hug pets. As a result, children may accidentally hurt a small kitten or cause a kitten to bite or scratch if it's scared. An adult cat, on the other hand, is more likely to tolerate children and less likely to be injured. Senior citizens are often unprepared for a kitten's energy level and most experts recommend a calm adult or older cat for an elderly household.You might think adopting a cat would be easier than getting a dog. After all, the solitary, self-sufficient feline is the perfect pet for the working person. But I heard from people who were turned down because of the curse of full-time employment—the cat may ignore you, but you should be home all day anyway. Others were told they need to accept a pair of cats or get nothing. And don’t even think about telling the rescue people your cat might go outside occasionally. Lisa wrote to say that she rescues strays that live in her house but are allowed outdoors. When she was looking for another cat and explained this to the person at the shelter, they turned her away.Hopeful pet owners can browse through the ASPCA Adoption Center’s online directory of dogs and cats ready to be adopted and, in most cases, can meet the critter and take him home the same day! If there’s a furry friend who’s stolen your heart but isn’t ready to head off just yet, a reservation fee can be paid to place him on hold.