Non-skid Plastic Pet Bowls at Dollar Tree, Inc.

Plastic bowls, the cheapest and most popular food bowls, may pose a danger to your pet’s health.
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PetRageous Designs’ pet bowls are designed to be functional, durable and attractive. Our stoneware pet bowls are made of the highest quality ceramic. Each is hand painted and oven-fired to resist fading and chipping. Our stainless steel dog bowl line offers a variety of metallic choices with embossed designs and non-slip rubber bottoms. Our designer plastic dog bowls are made of durable, light-weight plastic and feature non-slip rubber feet. All pet bowls are available in various shapes, sizes and styles.
Heated Plastic Pet Bowls
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So, it would be fair to surmise that if BPA’s are doing so much damage to humankind, what effect is it having on our pets? This time look at your pet’s world. Plastic food storage, plastic bowls, toys, crates, chews, squeakies, gates, ball, Frisbee, pill bottles, and tags, to name a few. As I walked down the aisles of one of the pet product stores where I live every aisle was filled with plastic and every product was packaged in plastic. The longer a product is stored in that plastic the more BPA’s are leached into that item. Plastic in extreme temperatures leaches larger amounts of BPA, so freezing in plastic and microwaving in plastic increases the incidence of exposure. Explore By Departments Home & More Pets Bowls & Feeders Bight Non Skid Plastic Pet Bowl
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Plastic is something you want to avoid almost entirely. Most pet bowls are made from mixed plastics that can leach toxins into their food and water. Not only that but they harbor bacteria like you would not believe! If you ever wondered why they tell you not to reuse your plastic water bottles, that is why. BPA free plastic can be safe but recent research states that it is not entirely true. Just skip the plastic to avoid the guess work!Manufactured from premium grade APET material, these plastic bowls will resist breakdown from salad dressing and vegetable oils or juices from even the most acidic fruits. Our PET dinnerware bowls are also freezer safe and will not dent or crack. Our clear bowls are also produced using up to 30% post-consumer . PET is also a #1 curb side recyclable material, so these plastic bowls are easy to recycle almost anywhere.Choose our Crystalline PET plastic bowls when an upscale presentation is needed. The clear plastic bowls allow for maximum see through to your food. Show off all the amazing ingredients in your salads, soups or desserts.Downsides of plastic: Plastic food bowls can get small scratches over time which trap and hold bacteria that cannot be removed even with cleaning. Some cats eating from plastic food bowls may develop feline acne from exposure to bacteria in the bowl, and dogs and cats may develop an allergic reaction to the plastic. While this is a controversial issue, some experts report that some plastics may emit BPA or other dangerous chemicals which can leach into your pet’s food. Finally, a dog that is a determined chewer may end up chewing the plastic pet food bowl, possibly ingesting pieces of the plastic bowl.Pet food bowls are available in a wide assortment of sizes and materials. Many people choose plastic pet food bowls because they are readily available, inexpensive and come in lots of colors and sizes. However, a plastic bowl might not be the best choice for your pet’s food bowls.Other concerns. As you will see on —an organization that conducts research testing on consumer products for levels of lead, chlorine, arsenic, and other concerning chemicals—reveals several plastic pet bowls containing medium levels of lead despite being BPA-free and certified as food-safe by the . Any of these chemicals can leach from plastic containers into your dog’s food and water, potentially exposing them to dangerous chemicals with harmful side effects.