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Prairie Dog Pet Merchantile is an independently owned pet supply store.
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Pet Prairie’s pet boarding facility is conveniently located near Boone, and Valle Crucis in Sugar Grove, NC. Your dog will enjoy recess in our large green space and a private indoor/outdoor doggie apartment, available for single or double occupancy.
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As is true with all pets, prairie dogs require a minimum of one annual veterinary visit. Many veterinarians who treat exotic pets recommend a check up twice a year, especially for older prairie dogs (5 years of age and older). A microscopic fecal examination (to look for parasites) and full physical examination will often detect diseases in their early stages, before the pet begins to show symptoms of illness. Other tests that may be recommended as part of a routine wellness examination include radiographs (X-rays,) blood tests, and urine tests. Since most veterinarians do not treat exotic pets, make sure the one you select has experience with treating exotic pets. Please SHARE if you think a prairie dog would make a fun pet!
Photo provided by FlickrVaccines are neither needed (nor approved) for pet prairie dogs.
Photo provided by FlickrSo, can you buy prairie dogs as pets? Looks like you can.
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As we mentioned previously, Prairie Dogs need to be caged. Cages should be large enough to allow room to play. Include an untreated wooden nesting box for sleeping and a litter box filled with 2" of newspaper pellets. An ideal cage should be at least 24"x24"x36" and should have 2 floors. In order to prevent leg or foot injuries, wire mesh spacing should be no more than ½ inch on flooring. A pan that catches droppings under the cage will help in cleaning. Prairie dogs like to dig, so a sand box with play sand is ideal fun for your pet. You can add a cinder block, brick or rough rock to aid in natural wearing of nails. Prairie dogs love tunnels for exploring. Large PVC pipes work great as synthetic tunnels. A rope dog chew or parrot toys made with rope and wood make excellent toys for chewing needs. In all instances wood must be untreated. Grass hay can be piled deep in the cage for bedding. The prairie dogs will also play and nest in it. Plus, it is safe and healthy to eat! Avoid cedar, aromatic pine and certain other wood shavings, because they contain resins that can be irritating to your prairie dog's skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. Don't place the cage in an area that has direct sun contact at any time of the day. In addition, avoid placing the P. Dog's cage in the path of any flow of air from heater or air conditioner vents. Finally, the cage should be situated in an area that has normal flow of traffic, so that he feels he is a part of the "family" and not isolated.Dr. Gregory Rich, director of , says prairie dogs can be great pets. They’re curious, they like to be cuddled, and they’re easy to take care of.Prairie Dog Pet Products is a leading specialty manufacturer of premium pet treats and antlers. We focus on providing the finest quality ingredients specially formulated for your dog. At Prairie Dog Pet Products, we understand how important your dog is to you. They're family! Family deserves the best so why not feed them Prairie Dog Pet Products?Prairie dogs are very unique pets who have way of winning hearts and attaching themselves to their owners. Most people who see prairie dogs for the first time are intrigued by their roly-poly appearance, habit of sitting straight up, chirping voices and playfulness.