Primrose Hill Pets, London, United Kingdom

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The insider added: "Harry's always liked Daisy's style and now wants to get to know her properly over time. He was even spotted visiting the Primrose Hill pet shop last week with her dog in tow."
Sarah Harding is pictured at a local pet shop in Primrose Hill - Pinterest
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We arrived latish for Sunday Lunch, they claimed to have been very busy with the first weekend of the 6 nations which would not explain the surley barmaid barging around and dumping dirty crockery at the end of the bar. As it was mid afternoon they had run out of vegetarian options other than gnocci. The credit card machines failed as I was about to pay for drinks and the barmaid, upgraded to an ironic happy from surley, suggested I use the shop next door for cashback, so I went and bought food. Some moments later on my return the beer, still sitting on the bar, had settled to those clotted little lumps. Nevertheless we ordered the gnocci and a burger with thrice cooked chips which was on a deal with a pint; without telling me my particular beer was not included in the deal I retain the voucher for a pint but its unlikely I will get to redeem, much less enjoy it.
The gnocci and pumpkin had been diced by the playgroup that day and boiled then fried. Like many englishmen I was brought up on fried or boiled food and having grown out of that was surprised The Queens had managed to inflict both cooking styles on those lumpy masses, inspiration now exhausted my rubbery but tasty burger and floppy pallid chips were complemented by by a public whinge from the barmaid who felt she needed to come to our table and ventilate about how hard she worked and how little appreciation her customers showered upon her. Oh, and no water bowl for the dog which is poor considering the pub is right next door to primrose hill and opposite a very good pet shop. Popped into our favourite #petshop @primrosehillpets to pick up supplies
Photo provided by FlickrHello from Maisy Cat - Primrose Hill Pets - The shop for the pet lover Paul.
Photo provided by FlickrSarah Harding is pictured at a local pet shop in Primrose Hill on May 7 2015 ..
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