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Guardsman's tips on protecting furniture from pets damage and eliminating pet odor.
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Of course, you can always use a plain blanket or some cheap slip cover for your sofa and armchairs, but there are various slip covers, which are actually designed to protect your furniture pieces strictly from domestic pets like cats and dogs.
Pets are kind, lovable, destructive animals. Learn how to protect your furniture from pets while keeping everyone happy in the process.
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The Deluxe Reversible Sofa Furniture Protector allows you to have multiple color choices with one cover. It efficiently protects your furniture from kids, pets, spills and much more. The cover is a bit longer in the back, to help it stay in place. Easily make over any room with this stylish sofa covers for pets. Do you have hints or tips for protecting furniture from your pets? Please share in the Comments section below or tweet us  today.
Photo provided by FlickrDo you have hints or tips for protecting furniture from your pets? Please share in the Comments section below or tweet us  today.
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For years, protecting couches and sofas from dog hair and nail scratches has been a constant struggle, but thankfully there are tons of furniture covers out there now. For sofas, you can use a furniture cover for pets that protect the entire surface area or simply protect the seating area; it depends on your needs. Two of the most popular choices for pet-prooffurniture are leather and microfiber. Leather is feasible because it looks niceand is easy to clean with a basic wipe down. Plus, leather does not attracthair like fabrics. To protect leather couch from dog scratches, take care tokeep your pet’s nails nice and trimmed.One of my major design struggles is balancing my love of upholstered anything with my love of animals. Whether it’s Turk scratching up the side of our sofa or Hope tracking in dirt or carrying her food onto the chair, we’re always dealing with some sort of upholstery clean-up. Even if your home doesn’t include pets or children, regular use of any upholstered furniture will require cleaning and touch-ups at some point. I try to prevent anything major with semi-regular cleaning, but for today’s Home Ec post I wanted to share a guide to cleaning upholstered furniture and protecting it from pets. xo, gracePets enrich our lives, but they can really damage furniture. Unless you can watch your pet every hour of the day, it can be almost impossible to keep them off the couch. Drool, urine and feces will ruin the upholstery if the sofa is not protected. Protecting the furniture is not difficult. Manufacturers of pet supplies offer solutions to the problem. With a little extra effort, you can add protection from cats and dogs to your sofa. Living with pets can make protecting yourfurniture a challenge, but don’t despair! Try one or a combination of stepsfrom our handy guide. With some persistence, you’ll find the right combinationof tactics for your home.We love our pets, but we don’t love the messes that they leave behind for us. One of the biggest dilemmas that pet owners have is pet hair on their sofa. There is a simple solution to this problem that will make pets and their owners happy. Using sofa covers for pets is one of the best things an owner can do to protect their furniture.
Sofa covers for pets come in various shapes, colors and sizes. The market is vast, but there are some things you need to know about sofa covers for pets before making your purchase. You want to ensure that your sofa cover is made of quality material that will last. This is an investment that will help protect your sofa from pet hair, drool, muddy paws and so much more.