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This is an old discussion but I just thought I would add my 2 cents. I adopted a dog who turned out to be pregnant so now I have my dog and 4 young puppies. I asked Petco for their free book and saved quite a bit of money for a variety of puppy foods because they have multiple coupons for numerous brands. Out of curiosity, I bought the $19.99 Petsmart Puppy Guide because the salesman assured me that they honored the coupons for 1 year from purchase despite expiration date. He dated and initialed the book. He also kindly applied the free bag of food (-$15 max) to my order. My opinion is that the Petsmart book would be be better suited to the brand new dog owners and for those who would use the grooming/training/veterinary services at Petsmart. Pet owners like myself who have had previous dogs often already have a selection of cages, beds, and other pet accessories which are the other coupons in the PS book. Either old or new dog owner, the book would probably pay for itself if you are a regular Petsmart shopper. I am very happy that Petco offers their coupon book for free and I will make a point of visiting there more often even though it is less convenient for my location. As always, I thank Collin and other contributors for pet savings info. 🙂
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Through January 22nd, be sure to enter the by sharing a photo of your puppy’s trip to PetSmart on with both #puppylove and #petsmart for a chance to win a $100 gift card and a ($19.99 value)! Good luck! PetSmart Puppy Guide | dog Books | PetSmart
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