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Learn more about Pets 101 here  | Soft, fluffy, with a twitchy nose, rabbits make great companions.
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Enterotoxemia is a severe diarrheal disease, primarily of rabbits 4–8 wk old when naturally infected; it also can affect rabbits at all life stages if an inappropriate antibiotic is given orally. Signs are lethargy, rough coat, greenish brown fecal material covering the perineal area, and death within 48 hr. Often, a rabbit looks healthy in the evening and is dead the next morning. Necropsy reveals the typical lesions of enterotoxemia, ie, a fluid-distended intestine with hemorrhagic petechiae on the serosal surface. The primary causative agent is , which produces an iota toxin. Little is known about transmission of the organism; it is assumed to be a commensal normally present in low numbers. The type of diet seems to be a factor in development of the disease; enterotoxemia is seen less often when high-fiber diets are fed. Because most β-lactams, lincomycin, , and induce -related (eg, ) enterotoxemia because of their selective effect on normal, gram-positive bacteria, their oral use is contraindicated in rabbits. Enterotoxemia is a consideration for these antibiotic therapies. These diarrheas are remarkably similar to those that occur naturally (described above as enterotoxemia). Treatment of colony rabbits is seldom attempted because of the rapidity of death. However, when population size permits, cholestyramine has been used with promising results, both as a preventive and a treatment. Reducing stress of the young rabbits (weaning, etc) and ad lib feeding of hay or straw are helpful in prevention. Adding 250 ppm of copper sulfate to the diet of young rabbits also helps prevent enterotoxemia. Individual animal treatment for enterotoxemia should include aggressive fluid therapy and intensive supportive care. Monitoring of hydration status, body temperature, and heart rates is extremely important. There is little evidence that antibiotics are helpful. Prognosis for advanced cases is often poor. Diagnosis depends on history, signs, lesions, and demonstration of . Centrifugation of intestinal contents at 20,000 g for 15 min followed by culture of the supernatant-pellet interface will reveal the organism. For a definitive diagnosis, the presence of iota toxin in the supernatant of centrifuged cecal contents can be demonstrated by in vivo or in vitro assays.
Rabbit make great pets. They are friendly, low maintenance and easy trained animals.
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Rabbit fancier organizations and veterinarians recommend that pet rabbits be or by a rabbit-experienced veterinarian.:123 Health advantages of neutering and spaying include increased longevity, and for females, a reduced risk of and and .:195–9 Neutering and spaying also reduces territorial marking in males, and aggression toward other rabbits. Risks associated with spaying a rabbit include infection of the surgical site, and death from . Funniest bunny eating raspberries. The sweetest rabbit with the cutest way of eating. Funny animal pet.
Photo provided by FlickrLitter training your pet rabbit takes patience and persistence. But in the end, you’ll have a wonderful companion to share your home with.
Photo provided by FlickrJones and his girlfriend, Sharon Sheehan, who owns a pet rabbit, said they did not want the animals killed.
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Continually overrun with abandoned rabbits, local shelters and rescues are the best place to find a new pet bunny. Not only will you save an animal from possible euthanasia, there are also several additional benefits.Continually overrun with abandoned rabbits, local shelters and rescues are the best place to find a new pet bunny. Not only will you save an animal from possible euthanasia, there are also several additional benefits. Pet stores and bunny dealers often buy rabbits when they’re only 4 weeks old because they take up less space and look so cute. But bunnies that young shouldn’t be away from their moms. Can you imagine being taken away from your mom as a baby and sold to a stranger? are miserable places for animals, and if you buy from them, you’re supporting a cruel business that treats animals like products.Not as needy as dogs, but typically more cuddly than cats, a pet rabbit can be an ideal addition to your family. Like any animal kept indoors, however, there are a few potential drawbacks, including possible odors. Fortunately, rabbits aren't known for smelling bad, and any odor is probably a result of improper care.When Easter is around the corner, many people consider buying a pet rabbit, sometimes on a whim or as a gift for small children. While rabbits do make wonderful indoor companions, people should take the time to learn the reality of pet rabbit ownership. An overview of what it's like to live with a bunny and what you should know before you consider adopting one. Most animal shelters have a lot of rabbits who were bought at pet stores and later given up by people who didn't understand the long-term commitment of being a rabbit guardian.

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