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Pet shops and rabbit shows, however, are usually high-stress settings for rabbits.
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What do bunny rabbits have in common with hyenas, wolverines and polar bears? The adorable little creatures are about to join a menagerie of wildlife prohibited for sale by New York City pet shops.
Toa Payoh Pet shop sells dwarf hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and hermit crabs. Terrapins not for sale.
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Selling rabbits and other small animals in pet shops encourages impulse buying. There are too many opportunities for the animals to end up in the wrong hands by being purchased for cruel reasons, or simply by people ignorant to the rabbits' needs. A good rescue centre would do a home visit to see if the person's home is suitable to adopt an animal.

For every rabbit that is bred, a rabbit at an animal shelter will be left unwanted, because the baby rabbit that is brought into the world will take a home away from a rabbit at the shelter. The Petland Discount shop on Nassau Street in lower Manhattan sells between four and eight rabbits a day, a clerk said.
Photo provided by FlickrIt may be tempting when you see that adorable baby bunny for sale at the pet shop or on Craigslist. But , consider these facts.
Photo provided by FlickrOut Shopping With The Bunny Rabbit at Pet Smart pet store
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1. Expensive for its size. Most rabbits sold at pet shops have not reached maturity for 2 reasons : less intimidating(cuter too) and higher chance of bonding with the new owner.Jamie Jay Car enters a pet shop and enquires about making rabbit stew!

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Music: BensoundOut Shopping With The Bunny Rabbit at Pet Smart pet store. Yes, PetSmart allows bunny rabbits to go shopping! Just be careful not to get too close to any dogs. Our bunny is wearing a harness in this video. He is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit. He stays small forever.The owner of the pet shop told me that the purchaser of one of the dead rabbits took it in for a necropsy. The vet told them that it must have been a bacterial infection.I open two Littlest Pet Shop packages! One a rabbit from 2004 that I purchased at a thrift store and a mama and baby deer combo I found at Walmart! Which pet is your fave?

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2) Next time instruct the pet shop to feed the kits lots of grass hay, and do not give any treats. None. Additionally, the pet shop should wait for 24 hours from receipt of the bunnies before adding rabbit pellets to the ration along with the hay and fresh clean water.Bunny rabbits at the pet shop. These are two males apparently. They seem to like sitting on things, they were both sitting in the food bowl initially.

Often rabbits can be very skitterish or full of anxiety, but these ones have likely been here a while, were very calm, and seem well aware that nothing can touch them behind the glass.LPS Rabbit #003 was available in 2004 in a Pet Pairs set, Spring Egg, and Littlest Pet Shop board game simply titled, "Littlest Pet Shop Game". In its pet pairs pack it is accompanied by Guinea Pig #004 with a flower accessory, magenta water bottle, and food dish. (colors may vary) The box exclaims, "Bunny and guinea pig 'magically' open food dish!" The back of the box reads, "Congratulations! You've just welcomed some new friends into your very own Littlest Pet Shop, where all your pet lovin' dreams come true! Collect the whole world of pets from Littlest Pet Shop!" The set is rare and considered "retired."