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Gate Gray, Regalo Home Accents Extra Tall Walk-thru Gate, Baby & Pet Gates.
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Finally we tested the rigidity of the frame bars by squeezing them as hard as we could, to see how easily they’d bend. Some larger and more eager pets have been known to weasel their way through poorly constructed metal bars. Most of the gates had no issues in our stress test, but the Carlson Extra Tall and Regalo flexed a little more than the rest. The added height on this gate may be the cause of the weaker frames.
Oct 18, 2016 - Best Extra Tall Pet Gate. Regalo logo. View on Amazon. Read Review. Best Outdoor Pet Gate. Cardinal Gates logo. View on Amazon.
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The Regalo 4-in-1 play yard features a 19 square foot play area and can be configured into a variety of shapes and sizes. Easy to take down and set up, this play yard includes compactly folds down for convenient storage. This metal gate keeps kids and pets safely corralled in areas under adult supervision while giving them plenty of room to move and play. Grownups can easily get inside through the gate’s lever-style handle, which features a child safety lock. Oct 31, 2016 - You'll notice that the Carlson Extra Tall and Regalo pet gates are nearly identical and share the same design and building components.
Photo provided by FlickrConvenient walk-through design, these gates are perfect for doorways and staircases.
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The walk through door is perfect for easy adult access with latch locking as well as bottom lift action to prevent babies and child toddlers from getting into places in the home or apartment that you don't want them to. This includes for the top of stairs as well as the bottom and indoor hallway areas. There are many brands and types of these gates like retractable, freestanding or extra wide baby gates by names like Evenflo, Munchkin and Summer. This Regalo baby gate is effective and affordable for use in all living spaces from homes to apartments for babies and pets for piece of mind and safety.Baby stair gates are an essential part of keeping a child safe as he or she begins to achieve mobility and explore the world. Stair gates come from several manufacturers in dozens of styles, shapes, materials, and price ranges. Regalo is a trusted brand in the baby industry and has been providing safe and reliable children products for years. Based in the United States, Regalo always ensures that its construction, materials, and safety standards are at the top of the industry. Purchasing a Regalo stair gate provides the peace of mind and safety needed at a reasonable price. Shopping for a stair gate on eBay offers a wide variety of items, all at competitive prices. Look for items that meet the needs of the family and home, and then select those that are close by to avoid heavy shipping costs. Select a quality stair gate to be used in the home and while traveling to keep the little bundle of joy safe.You’ll notice that the and  pet gates are nearly identical and share the same design and building components. We could not find definitive information online that these companies are related, but the similarities in their products are too hard to ignore. However, we can distinguish that the Carlson brand is marketed towards pet owners, while the Regalo brand is intended for babies. We chose the Carlson Extra Tall over the Regalo for our favorite selection because of the addition of the small pet door.I brought this gate because my dog jumps over regular sized gates. I finally found one that he could not jump thru and the pet gate is perfect. Great value