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Step 4: Use the BISSELL Rental Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine to clean your carpets.
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Bissell Green Machine Steam Cleaners are located at the Customer Service Desk

Machine (regular) rents for $29.99 for 24 hours.

Guest will need two forms of Identification to rent a Bissell Steam Cleaner:
1. A valid Driver's License
2. A Major Credit Card/Debit Card
3. No deposit is required at this time
4. Additional charge for shampoo - starting at $14.99
5. Additional charge for hand tools for furniture cleaning - $3.00
6. Additional fees will be assessed if the unit is not returned on its return date/time (fees will vary depending on when the unit is returned)
Step 4: Use the BISSELL Rental Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine to clean your carpets.
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is the first and best name in the carpet cleaning rental industry. We rent the Rug Doctor® deep cleaning machines and sell professional cleaning solutions. Step 4: Use the BISSELL Rental Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine to clean your carpets.
Photo provided by FlickrIf you do decide to purchase or rent a carpet cleaning machine, here are some things to consider:
Photo provided by FlickrFind competitively priced Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines & Carpet Extractor Rentals at Sunbelt Rentals for deep carpet-cleaning.
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In this article I will discuss renting a carpet cleaning machine vs hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. There are two major factors to consider when deciding on whether you should rent a carpet cleaner or hire a professional carpet cleaner, first is how long has it been since your last cleaning? Do you have major stains, pet odors, very high soiled traffic lanes? Now for the cost, the rental carpet cleaning machine will cost you around $100 for the day including chemicals, and you will have the cost of transportation back and forth from the store where you got it. Not to mention the hours of work you have ahead of yourself. The cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company will cost in the average neighborhood of $25-35 per room or are to have Steam cleaned. And the job will take approximately 2 hours to clean an average size home. If you are a DIY carpet cleaner than you probably already know that the rental carpet cleaner is not as powerful as they make it out to be. With rental machines the cleaning solutions are not very strong and effective, and leave behind residues. The actual carpet cleaning machine its self is very under powered with low suction/vacuum. Remember the cleaning solution suspends the soil, the water rinses the soil, and the vacuum removes the soil, so you need the best of all three to get a quality carpet cleaning. We rent our machine at a local grocery store. It's called the Rug Doctor. The cost to rent the machine is $26.99 and we must have it back in less than 24 hours. We also need to buy cleaner. For $18.99, one bottle cleans about 1,000 square feet of carpet. Now it's time to put it to the test. There is no need to reserve a rental machine. We have more than enough machines properly maintained, in perfect working condition, ready to go at all times. Your rental experience with Handy Andy's Quality Vacuum Cleaners will satisfy you in every way. Our staff is professional and courteous, and will be very helpful explaining setup and operation. Written instructions are also provided below. We will place the rental machine in your car and remove it when you return. You can expect our rental machines to do an excellent job. DOY Machines Just Aren't Designed for Wall to Wall Cleaning
Their best use is for emergency spotting. A child or pet gets sick on the carpet, drop some food, spill some wine, these events
happen with no notice and you need to get them cleaned up as fast as possible. With a DOY machine spots and accidents can
be cleaned up in virtually no time at virtually no expense. But for wall to wall cleaning, even a cheap cleaner can do a better
job, saving you a lot of work.