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Renting a steam cleaner used to be considered more efficient than owning one but today’s household steam cleaners with their enhanced features, do a really good job. Their performance may not be up to the standard of the commercial steam cleaner but they make up for that in terms of convenience and cost. You also need to take into account the cost of renting a steam cleaner for just a few hours every time you need to steam clean your carpets, as opposed to the convenience of having your own machine that you can take out of the cupboard as and when you need it.
When your carpet needs a deep cleaning, consider renting a carpet steam cleaner.
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Don’t stress over renting a carpet cleaner. Having your own cleaner allows you to clean one room, spot clean, or do the whole house; it’s your choice. A home steam cleaner also lengthens the life of your carpet because you can spot clean when needed and get stains out before they set. Plus, compared to a rental steamer, a new, lightweight, upright steam cleaner maneuvers easily around home obstacles and is easy to carry to another level of the home. Having a party? Go ahead and use your home cleaner a couple of hours prior to give your carpet that fresh new look, and it will be dry before the party. Definitely nice points, should be considered before renting a steam carpet cleaner. I'll keep your tips in mind. Keep it up.
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Photo provided by FlickrMost people rent a carpet steamer for a day
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Having your carpet professionally cleaned can be costly, but you can get a top-quality cleaning job at a do-it-yourself price: Rent an easy-to-operate Rug Doctor steam cleaning machine from us—you will love the results!The benefits of owning a steam cleaner outweigh those of renting one, getting to the stains as they happen instead of having to make an appointment to hire a steam cleaner, is a far greater advantage and gives the homeowner the chance to tackle messy carpets as soon as they happen, so less damage is done. With your own steam cleaner, you can choose your own detergent or just use pure steam, home steam cleaners also tend to leave the carpets dryer than the commercial rental types.The good thing about owning a Steam Cleaner is that you can in your own time and as often as needed. There is no rush to get the job done before the rental time is up, and no need to worry about transporting the rental machine to and from the rental company. Other advantages are that there is nothing else to pay after the initial outlay for the machine and there is no fear of damaging someone else’s property. Owning a steam cleaner means that you don’t have to set a day or time to clean your carpets and floors that fits in with the rental agreement.Rental steam cleaners can be quite bulky and heavy, not only to load and unload into your car when transporting to and from the rental company, but also when pushing it around the house, so take into account that the weight of the machine will increase when it’s full of water and detergent. Quite a lot of rented cleaners do not come with any drying equipment so it can take a good portion of the day for the carpet to dry, sometimes up to 10 hours and longer if your carpets are heavily stained.Rental periods can vary with different companies, most people prefer to rent a carpet steamer for a day, so you need to consider how many rooms you need to clean and if a day is long enough, otherwise you could face additional rental costs to extend the rental period to finish the job. However, you also need to make sure you haven’t overestimated the time needed, otherwise you could be paying for the cleaner long after you have finished cleaning.
Bissell Green Machine Steam Cleaners are located at the Customer Service Desk

Machine (regular) rents for $29.99 for 24 hours.

Guest will need two forms of Identification to rent a Bissell Steam Cleaner:
1. A valid Driver's License
2. A Major Credit Card/Debit Card
3. No deposit is required at this time
4. Additional charge for shampoo - starting at $14.99
5. Additional charge for hand tools for furniture cleaning - $3.00
6. Additional fees will be assessed if the unit is not returned on its return date/time (fees will vary depending on when the unit is returned)