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Rug Doctor: Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner – Rent or Buy
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Ultimately, buying a provides benefits that renting one does not. By personally owning the equipment, one can enjoy the benefits of regular use. By frequently cleaning one's carpets, one can minimize allergens, reduce the persistence of stains, and avoid smells that remain from pets or undesirables tracked in from the outside. With the reduced long term cost and the convenience of personal ownership, one can extend the life of the household carpets by reducing the wear and tear caused by everyday dust and grit. By owning a carpet shampooer, rather than renting one, a person has the option to sell to offset the cost of upgrading to a more advanced piece to keep up with technology. Continue to maintain the cleanliness of the floors, as well as the health of the household inhabitants, by purchasing a carpet cleaner from the varied selection on .
Asking questions and being armed with knowledge is the key to success in buying or renting carpet cleaning equipment.
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Not all carpet cleaning companies charge costly rates. But even if you choose a professional with the cheapest rate, it will likely cost less than buying a cleaner outright. If you are working on a budget, it may be wiser to choose buying or renting equipment instead. For more tips on choosing the best carpet cleaner for home use, check out the . Is it better to rent or buy a carpet cleaner? - Quora
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A It is possible to clean carpet reasonably well with a machine you rent. That said, you should also recognize that a good professional probably would do a better job. And if you anticipate tackling the job frequently on your own, you might be better off buying a deep-cleaning machine, which works similarly to the rental machines.Carpet manufacturers generally recommend professional cleaning of carpets every 12 to 18 months. But if you have indoor pets, track in oily dirt from a garage floor, or find lots of sticky things spilled on your carpet, renting a machine or buying one for interim cleanings makes sense. If, after several DIY cleanings, the fibers don't seem to be as clean as they once were, you can always call in a pro for a more thorough job.If you compare all the numbers, you realize that you could rent a machine nine times for the price of one professional cleaning for part of a house. And for not all that much more, you could buy a home machine to use whenever you want. So it's a good question whether frequent cleaning with a "very good" or even a "good" machine leaves the carpet cleaner than if you save up for periodic professional cleaning, even if it is more thorough. We rent our machine at a local grocery store. It's called the Rug Doctor. The cost to rent the machine is $26.99 and we must have it back in less than 24 hours. We also need to buy cleaner. For $18.99, one bottle cleans about 1,000 square feet of carpet. Now it's time to put it to the test. If you do proceed to clean on your own, with either a rented machine or one you buy, a few steps can make all the difference in how the job turns out. Use only the detergent recommended for the machine, and never use more than the label recommends. A more concentrated formula won't clean better; it will just leave the carpet fibers sticky.At the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean, we dedicate our lives to getting dirty so you can get your home cleaner. We develop carpet cleaning machines and solutions that are easy to rent or buy and have cleaning power comparable to the pros – at a fraction of the cost.